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Show Season

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Belated Birthday Presents

Lex turned 18 while in Florida for her working student position so others got to share in her special day...nice people that they are, she had a pizza party, complete with a birthday cake, presents, and cards. 

Since she was about 15, we had talked about getting matching tattoos when she turned 18.  Our original plan was interwined horse shoes.  I decided to add a cross to mine - but she kept changing her mind about what she wanted to add.  Friday night she decided - our appt was Saturday.

My husband said I would back out...


The other gift for Lex, my husand gave her yesterday.  He had made the frame out of mahogany and the shoes were pulled from Hennessy the day before he was put down.  The photo was from her Senior Pictures session - the last time she sat on Henny.  We all got a little emotional when she unwrapped it.

Fun weekend and the weather was fantastic!  Lex rode Riva for me Friday evening and Sunday afternoon - pics to come from Sunday's ride.


Karen said...

That is so neat! You are such a cool mom! :)

Jeni said...


achieve1dream said...

Happy birthday Lex!

The picture frame is beautiful and totally got me all teary eyed remembering Hennessey. :)

I love both of your tattoos! Those are awesome!