Show Season

Show Season

Monday, March 19, 2012

Some Fun & Games

Sunday we had a Spring kick-off barn party - food, beverages, and some fun with our ponies.  Weird March weather continues, so we had sun, not much wind, and near 80 temps.  Gotta love it!

Nine horse and rider teams joined in the games, which included keyhole (pretty funny with mostly dressage horses), crepe paper race, egg and spoon, boxer shorts relay race and a 'soccer ball' race.  Can you believe we forgot the nothing to prove how awesome team Riva did!  (Alexis and I took turns on Riva - and Alexis even did keyhole with our OTTB Cheers - bareback with a halter and lead rope for reins!)

After eating, we all went out to catch our horses, quick groom and tack up.  Love that Riva came up from the back '40' of her field when I banged on her gate with the lead rope hook.  Not only that, she chased off the other 2 mares in her field, when they came up with her - and then returned to stand patiently while my husband put her halter on.  This time last year, we had to chase her around the field to catch her.

Once tacked up, we headed out to join everyone in the outdoor jump arena.  Riva was very UP with all the activity going on in 'her' arena.  We normally are the only ones in the jump arena, since most of the riders at our barn are dressage only.  I had Lex jump on her and literally gets the bucks out - yes, she threw some good ones.  Lex got her focused and then let her canter, full out, several times around the arena.  Once she got it out of her system, she settled and was ready to play nice.

We had a blast - Riva and I rocked the egg and spoon game - course I never had to go up against Lex and Riva - who won that game hands down!  Lots of fun - sweaty tired Riva by the end of the games.  I think it was good for her mind to do something totally different, but in her environment. 

While I don't have pics from the party, here are some from Lex in a training session with Riva and I:

Canter Proof!!

Working on contact


GAiA ViNCENZi said...

so cute your blog

Jessica said...

Your so lucky to have such a talented daughter to help work with you! You dont even have to pay her! lol

Emme said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. Riva looks great, as do you!
I once competed in the catalog race (you ride down to the catalog, dismount, find a specific page, rip it out of catalog, mount up, and ride back). I still state proudly that "no one came anywhere near Pippi and my time." (I don't mention it was becuse we were slower than anyone. LOL)

achieve1dream said...

That sounds like so much fun!!! I miss doing stuff like that. :D