Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Can See It!

My husband was out of town all last week for business and made the comment that when he came back, I wouldn't need his help anymore with Riva.  He is my eyes on the ground all thru the week, to remind me to quit nagging with my leg, get my elbows bent and back, heels down, etc.  While I still needs his eyes - he was able to see much progress when he came out to the barn with me Sunday afternoon. 

Here is a pic from our ride on Feb. 28th: 

Sunday March 11th: 

Differences I see:
     *  my elbows are bent and back
       *  my posture is better
         *  Riva is accepting contact!

I am amazed at the changes in Riva in one week's time.  Over this past weekend, Lex was able to ride Riva on Friday and Sunday.  She was able to go from working on Riva accepting contact at the walk last Friday to accepting contact at trot this past Friday and started Sunday with accepting contact at canter.  And Sunday's ride was outside - when the horses were being let in at feeding time - and did I mention...our resident donkey was wondering around free grazing?!  I do love my mare :)


Carly said...

Wow! What a change. Very nice!

Amy said...

WOW huge difference!! Great job!!!

Yvonne said...

Awesome progress in one week :) You guys looks great!

Kate said...

looking good!!!

Mona Sterling said...

What great contrasting photos!! You both look spectacular!

equestrianathart said...

Very nice! Riva is so cute!

Karen said...

WOW! Look at the difference! Be proud!

achieve1dream said...

Wow!!! Awesome job! That's HUGE progress in one week (especially all by yourself lol)!

I have a bad problem with hunching my shoulders (which you are not doing, but your shoulders are tipped forward a little instead of over your hips, not criticizing, just offering a suggestion that helped me) so my trainer had me put a whip in front of my elbows and behind my back. That helped me get the feel of having my elbows bent and back and opening my chest and squaring my shoulders (which are my two worst problems). It was a fun and very helpful exercise. :D

Keep up the fantastic work!!