Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dressage Clinic with Toine Hoefs

No...I am certainly not ready for a clinic with a big name international trainer (not yet!) 

Alexis was fortunate to take two lessons on Thursday and Friday with Toine thru her working student position.  The owners of this lovely Fresian paid for Lex to ride their horse in the clinic.

This is the second time Lex has taken lessons with Toine and he was very pleased with her improvement since she last rode with him in the fall.  Clearly, the 5 days a week riding 5-6 horses a day is paying off!

A few pics from the clinic - Lex on Katerina:

Lex will be showing this horse over the summer - at First Level, I believe.  I think they make a lovely pair!


Miranda said...

such a pretty horse. they look great together.

Emme said...

Love Friesians, such strength and beauty. She looks fantastic.

Amy said...

WOW She looks amazing up there. Her position is simply amazing too! And what a lucky girl to ride such a cool horse.

achieve1dream said...

Oh my goodness she is so lucky (and talented-she looks awesome!)!!!! I would pay the owners to let me ride their Friesian lol. Love them. I hope we'll see more pictures of the pretty Friesian over the summer? :D