Show Season

Show Season

Friday, February 24, 2012

She Just Keeps Getting Better!

Or maybe it is me...lessons just could be helping Riva and I.  Lots of factors have led to this week being a good one.

 - Last Friday - Lex rode Riva for me and gave me a mini lesson

 - Saturday - Riva's day off (date night for the humans)

 - Sunday  -  I worked Riva lightly and concentrated on getting lateral flextion

 - Monday  - rode outside!  My personal favorite.

 - Tuesday- lesson with my trainer on Riva (details later in this post)

 - Wednesday - rode outside again!  Can not belive our mild Indiana February...but I'm thrilled with it.
 - Thursday - 'day off' for Riva...just lounge and in hand work

Lesson with my trainer on Tuesday went very well.  This was our first lesson with 'C' - 'our' meaning with Riva.  I was a bit worried that Riva would get tired, cranky, irritated - but she was a trooper and did great.  We started with a brief lunge session.  C was happy with Riva's obedience and response on the lunge.  The only thing she wants me to add is working on getting more bend on the lunge.

We worked on 10 meter walk circles, trot work in 2-point, trot work while standing in the stirrups, and 20 meter circles in trot.

I have really struggled with 2 point on Riva - she always slows down majorly.  Once C refined my position, Riva kept going!  Amazing how that works :)  I was actually able to relax my ankles and feel the motion.  Made me feel like a jockey on a slow racehorse!  Who needs a thigh master when there is 2-point?  That was my only slight soreness the next day.

I was proud of Riva all thru the lesson - she was trying so hard and kept a good attitude. Can't ask for more.


Emme said...

You sure are making great progress. I am also amazed at how much my position affect the horse. Just the smallest adjustment can change everything. :)

GAiA ViNCENZi said...

Hi from Italy =)
I'm a show jumping lady rider
really nice blog!

keep in touch

achieve1dream said...

Sounds awesome!!! It must be so exciting to have a lesson on your own horse (I never have). :D Keep having fun with your girl.