Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Weekend!

We live in 'Small Town USA' - but happen to be located about 20 miles outside of Indianapolis...home to the 2012 Super Bowl.  If I hear 'have a Super day!' one more time, I might lose my mind.  You can not turn on the news, walk down the street, or talk to anyone without some reference to the Super Bowl and all things leading up to it.  Not a football fan and I only know who is playing because of being undelated with references to the big game on a daily basis.  We have not ventured into the Super Bowl Village that was created in downtown Indy - looks pretty crazy on TV.  And I really don't like big crowds, except if it is to attend something that really interests me.  So, I will most likely watch some of the game tonight, mainly for the ads (because isn't that what everyone talks about the next day anyway?).

My Super Weekend has nothing to do with football.  I normally only post about Riva on the blog or my daughter - I did start this blog as a journal to all things horses.  And that is my main passion.  But.....I do have another redneck / rebel / hillbilly side.  My mom was born and raised in KY, so maybe it is in my blood.  I love driving my F250 diesel, wearing my cowboy boots, and Jim Bean t-shirt.  You would think I would have taken up Western Pleasure instead of dressage :) 
Next to spending most every moment outside of work at the barn, my other fav thing to do is country line dance.  My husband and I go most Saturdays night to a country bar and dance, spend time with friends, drink beer.  Rarely do I want to go to the concerts that are put on by local radio stations.  But we did go this Friday night to see Justin Moore.  As we were walking out to get in the truck to leave for the concert, I was whining that I would rather be riding my horse - what with the unseasonably warm temps we have been having and my obession with getting to ride outside.  But - I got in the truck and went.  Had a blast!  Got to go backstage with a girlfriend and my newly turned 21 yr old daughter to meet Justin Moore!

Here's a little clip from the concert, too:

Part 2 of my Super Weekend was this 'little' girl coming home from Florida:

Lex got home early this morning and will go back this evening to her little house - back to normal working student Indiana style routine Monday morning.  She looks great - little tanned - and more toned and fit than when she left.  Love getting to spend some time with her and hear lots of stories from their 6 weeks in Florida.  Hoping she will do some blogging about it soon.

If you are in to football - enjoy the game tonight.  Me...I am going riding :)


Kate said...

Our local RI radio station has been doing lots of coverage from Indy, and I heard today it costs $200-500 to park your car close to the field. Umm, CRAZY!

Emme said...

Oh my gosh, you look so cute there with the young country singer. Nice to see a picture of you :)

I can't imagine the crowds at SuperBowl. Too much todo for me. I don't really "get" football. Seems like too much male chest pumping for this "weedgie." And the cheerleaders, don't get me started!! Glad you enjoyed the concert!

achieve1dream said...

Yeah I was sick of hearing about the Super Bowl too. Ugh! I couldn't log on to FB or watch TV without hearing about it. Annoying!

Glad you enjoyed the concert. Sounds like fun. :)

Also happy your daughter is back and you get to spend time with her before she goes back to working student work.