Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last Friday Night's Rides on Riva

Lex was able to come out to ride Riva for me last Friday night and give me a mini lesson on her.  Lex really focused on getting more bend out of Riva and she caught on pretty quick.  She instructed me on how to achieve more lateral flexion also.

Lex on the Diva:

If you have your sound up, pay no attention to what we are saying!  Mothers and daughters talk about all kinds of things...even when riding!

Me on Riva:

Always fun to watch Lex ride her - we paid her by taking her out for Mexican food afterwards...gotta love cheap labor :)


Emme said...

Love the flowy movement of Riva's trot and canter. So many have a herky-jerky thing going, but Riva sure flows and eats the ground smoothly. Good work ladies.

Kelly said...

Thanks Emme! I always hesitate to put videos of my riding on the blog because I have sooo much to work on (hate the way my elbows look like chicken wings when I work on something new!). But I like to be able to look back at the videos to see my progress.

achieve1dream said...

I think you look fantastic on her!! How old is Riva now? She's still so lean and long legged lol. You're doing great with her. :D

Kelly said...


Riva will be 5 yrs old at the end of May. She has lots of TB in her bloodlines - so she tends to lose weight in the winter. It happens so gradually that I don't realize the change right away!