Show Season

Show Season

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Miss Cinderella

I have thought about giving Riva a show name for the past year.  I have come up with lots of possibilities, but have not decided on one yet.  Yesterday afternoon, I came up with yet another one...

    Miss Cinderella   

Yes, she lost her most expensive custom made right front shoe!  The good news - her foot was not damaged, looked like it just dropped the shoe.  Bad news - shoe was not in her stall, nor the indoor arena, nor hanging on her stall door.

So, husband & I set off into the mare pasture to see if the missing shoe could be located.  This is about a 5 acres pasture, that has not been mowed for awhile.  Lots of nice, lush grass.  We walked for about 20 minutes - and my husband found it!!!  Just after he had said for the second time, "this is a waste of time, we are never going to find it".  :)

Now I am waiting on a call back from our farrier as to when he can get out to put the shoe back on.  I am on summer break from my job, so at least I am available anytime to meet him at the barn.

So the unexpected shoe loss nixed my plans I had for last evening to take the girl for a nice long hand walk around the hayfield and property.  Had to settle for a good grooming, fly spray, and treats.  

I did ride her for about 20 minutes on Sunday afternoon, at our prescribed walk pace, in the outdoor dressage arena.  I rode most all of the ride without stirrups and worked on using my seat and legs to steer and stop.  Short ride because the BO decided to let horses out early for the night and she was waiting on me.  I rode again on Monday evening for about 30 minutes - walk again in the outdoor dressage arena and a little around the property.

Both rides she was well behaved and listening.  She seems to enjoy the rides outside.  Friday is the day I am to call her vet with an update and to see if we can up the amount of days she can be ridden and if we can add trot.  Keeping fingers crossed!  

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achieve1dream said...

Thank goodness you found the shoe! LOL I've been on many of those searches. :) Glad you had some nice rides and I'll definitely keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.