Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Show Mom Once Again

My daughter evented at Centerline Stables in Greencastle on Saturday.  We met her and her trainer at the showgrounds on Friday evening so that Lex could come home for the night.  We watched them school on Friday evening, then took her out to dinner, to Walmart for a few supplies, then home for her to spend the night.  She talked pretty much non stop about what she has been doing while at her working student position.  It is evident from listening to her, and hearing the enthusiam in her voice, that she is loving this 'job'. 

A storm came thru Greencastle on Friday night/early Sat. morning, so we arrived at the showgrounds on Sat morning to find lots of large limbs down and a wet sloppy warm up arena.  They were still able to have the jumping and cross country, as planned, outside, but moved the dressage to the indoor.

This was Lex's first time to compete Beginner Novice - jumps at 2'6" and the Beg Novice Test a.  Dressage was first - they are improving and she was happy with her score.  They were 5th out of 9 at the end of dressage.

She had about 4 hours to wait for stadium jumping.  She walked the jump course and the cross country with her trainer and a few other people.  The stadium jumping is in the grass - no fence enlosing - and consists of 8 jumps.  Lots of tight turns and strange lines.  Cross country has 14 natural jumps - lots of logs, ditches, banks, barrels filled with flowers, tires, one water obstacle to go thru, and covers a lot of area.  There are different directions that they can have to go.  One jump in particular many people were a bit worried about - looked like a big wooden planter box with evergreen limps sticking up out of it. 

Lex and Henny went to stadium jumping at their appointed time and Henny stopped at jump # 2 - never has he stopped at a jump on her. Lex turned him around, popped her on the but with her bat, and over they went!  Henny also caught one rail and knocked it down - which is very unlike him.  But they made it thru!

On to cross country - and I have to admit I was a bit of a worried mom - but did not let on to Lex.  Off they went and we could not see them after the first jump - we stood and waited for them to come home - course is supposed to be done in 4 minutes.  We saw them come cantering back and the smile on Lex's face said it all - she was loving it!

They were in 3rd after stadium and moved down to 4th after cross country.  He did not miss or refuse anything on cross country - but they had an over time fault.  I was so proud of Lex!  She is WAY braver than her mom :)

Getting ready to head to staduim and cross country jumping

Waiting her turn to stadium jump

Warm up for jumping

After cross country

A sleepy Hennessy and a happy Alexis


Carol said...

What a great day for all of you. Your daughter and horse did so well! Very impressive. Thanks for sharing the pictures and story.

achieve1dream said...

That is fantastic!! She did so great!