Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not Much To Tell...

Riva has had her new therapeutic shoes on her a week now.  So far, so good - still on her feet!

I have went out to see her most every day - just to groom and take her for a hand walk outside.  Yesterday, she was so dirty, sweaty, and smelly that she got a good bath in the wash rack.  Last summer, I could not even get her in the wash rack - all her baths were outside.  This summer, she has walked right in to the wash rack and stood, somewhat patiently, for baths.  I have, so far, faced her to the wall while my husband held her for me. Yesterday, I turned her around and put her in the cross ties.  I did have my husband stand in front of her while I washed her.  She did fine - a bit of pawing and moving her haunches around - but definitely progress!

Before the bath, I took her for a hand walk around the hay field.  The path has a nice size hill at the back, so Riva has to walk up or down hill, depending on which way we go.  We went the up hill route.  She had to be stopped and told to back up a few times, but otherwise did great.  Of course, she thought the bugs were going to carry her away - despite the fly spray!

I miss riding - and feel so out of shape already!  I am going to take a lesson from our BO, on one of her horses, on Thursday.  He is a big guy - some kind of a draft cross.  Really looking forward to some saddle time.

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achieve1dream said...

Poor Riva. The flies have been bad here too. It's making poor Chrome miserable.

Congrats on the wash stall progress and have fun at your lesson. :D