Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lesson on the Big Guy tonight

Really looking forward to my lesson on Sampson tonight with my BO.  We are going to work on walk, trot , my riding position, tools to incorporate when I am able to ride Riva again.  Need to remember to have hubby take some video.

Lex has a show this weekend - eventing, her first time competing Beginner Novice.  She has been schooling 3' courses at her trainers the past few weeks, so she feels confident going 2'6".  Hoping it doesn't scare mom!  Lex had one bad fall last summer while schooling at home.  Since then, we purchased a different jump saddle for Henny and she feels much more secure - good knee blocks do wonders!

Hoping for decent weather on Friday and Saturday for Lex's show.  The place she is showing is really pretty - nice cross country courses.  If it rains, they will switch to indoor and just do combined training.

A few pics when Lex competed there last year. 

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achieve1dream said...

So exciting. Good luck to both of you!