Show Season

Show Season

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A short ride on the semi retired guy

Poor Cheers...I bet he hopes I am able to ride Riva again soon and let him get back to retired life!  I decided I better get a little riding in before my lesson on Thursday, or I am going to be sore. 

So hot last evening that I skipped hand walking Riva.  Just pulled her out of her stall, groomed her and fly sprayed her thoroughly.  Put her back with some treats and hay.

Husband helped me tack up Cheers and coached me a bit.  Lucky for me, Cheers was most agreeable last night.  We did a lot of walk - halts - walked over a few ground poles.  I asked for trot - he trotted a few steps and asked "do I really have to do this?"  Yes - you do!  He tried a few times to stop and refuse to move forward.  I just keep squeezing with both legs until he moved forward and he gave up the balking.  I got some nice trot and leg yield at trot before I finished up.  Just had to remember to keep a firm leg on and lots of praise.

I do love Cheers but can not wait until Riva is ridable again!


achieve1dream said...

Who is Cheers? Is he yours? Glad you have somebody to ride while you wait. :)

Kelly said...

Cheers is our 1st horse - retired TB racehorse that we adopted from a rescue organization.