Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, June 26, 2011

IDS Dressage Show

Lex and Hennessy had a wonderful show experience yesterday...
     1.   Hennessy was very well behaved - no stall walking (which is his show vice)

     2.  Weather was gorgeous  (seems to always be cold and or raining when we go to Edinburgh)

     3.   Lex received her highest Dressage tests marks ever

     4.   First blue ribbon in Dressage for Lex (and she got two!)

Here are some pics from yesterday -

Getting ready to go work on the lounge line

Waiting their turn - Lex waiting until the last possible second to put on her coat :)

After the first test - Traing Level Test 1 (first time to show at this level)

Pretty Henny - looking good in blue

A happy girl - and VERY sunburned (note to show mom - remember the sunscreen next show!)

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achieve1dream said...

That is so awesome! Tell her your blog friends said CONGRATS!!