Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And We Are Trotting!

I made my 2 week update call to our vet last Friday to inform how Riva is progressing.  Vet said I can start trotting her, just on straight turns.  Still just riding 3 days a week for up to an hour each ride.  Call back in 2 weeks.  Sure beats not riding at all!

Our farrier was able to get out last Thursday, day after Riva threw her special right front shoe, and get it back on.  So happy her foot was not damaged and no hoof wall was lost.  Riva was perfect for the re-shoeing - she is loads better at standing for the farrier now.

I rode her at trot for the first time last Friday evening.  She was kinda hesitant,,,like asking if I was sure I wanted her to trot :)  She seemed stiff in the shoulders, but not off.  The girl got Saturday off and on Sunday we just did ground work and went for a hand walk around the property.  Our barn got 3 awesome arena fans installed and they make working in the indoor much more pleasant in this heat.  I did some ground work with Riva in there first, turning the fans on as I walked her around.  Riva was not phased at all by the noise or wind - good mare :)

I rode again on Monday - Happy 4th of July!  We only heard one gun shot while riding and Riva just raised her head a bit and looked toward the sound.  I rode in the jumping arena since it gives me the most opportunites and room for staight lines.  Riva was pretty pokey and still seems stiff in the shoulders.  Our BO is learning the Masterson technique and said she will do a work up on Riva when she gets back from vacation.  She has done some work on my daughter's TB and it seems to make a difference in how he moves - her dressage scores have improved and she is not getting comments from the judges on him looking tight.

Today I am getting a lesson on my trainers Lusitano at her place.  I have to drive some feed up to her place for my daughter's horse (the one who is a working student this summer for our trainer), so she offered me a free lesson for my time and gas - I'll take a free lesson anytime!

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achieve1dream said...

Oh my goodness! You get to ride a Lusitano! Lucky! Have fun with your lesson.

I'm glad Riva is improving. I hope the massage helps her.