Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Riva's Home

Thought I would share some pics of where we board our horses.  Since adopting our first OTTB 5 years ago, we have boarded at 3 different places.  Even though Serenity is a half hour drive, one way, from our home, we love having our horses there.

The pond we walk around often.


The jumping arena - all the jumps are moved around right now since they were getting ready to drag it.

Outdoor Dressage Arena - we have never rode when it is dark, but there are lights if you do.

A hay pasture we can ride the horse around the perimeter.  There are also trails further back.

The indoor - it has overhead sprinklers and the BO just had 3 large fans installed that are awesome in this heat!

I like that the stalls all have dutch doors.

The gelding pasture

Mare pasture

Most of the horses belong to the BO and her 2 adult daughters.  There are just 6 horses, besides our 3, that are owned by outside boaders.  It is quiet, well taken care of - love it!


Lex said...

The pond looks high mom ??

Kelly said...

I think it is just my bad photography skills :) It is not low, like it usually is in July, though.

Don't worry - the jumping arena should be looking good by the time you come home in August!

achieve1dream said...

That place is gorgeous and I LOVE the dutch doors. :D Thanks for sharing. It was fun seeing where Riva lives.