Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mother Daughter Time

Yesterday morning, I went and spent some time with my daughter, who is a working student this summer for our trainer.  She is having a great time - experiencing many new things, getting to travel to sanctioned shows, trail rides, having lessons with other instructors plus her trainer - but she works hard!  When I arrived about 10:30 am, she had the barn clean, stalls mucked, water and hay refilled, and all the horses turned out. 

We went out and got her horse, Hennessy, and one of her trainer's TB's for me to ride.  His name is Roman and he is an OTTB that our trainer events.  I felt very priviliged to ride him as he just got his Gold Medal in Beginner Novice Eventing!  He will be moving up to Novice level at their next event.

We tacked them up, dosed them down with fly spray, and headed outside.  We rode around the back of the property first, which is a tree orchard.  We finished up by riding down the long drive that leads out to the main road.  There was a tractor in the field by the drive cutting hay - neither horse was concerned out that.  It was great to ride a relaxed horse, that can actually walk next to another horse without laying their ears back or biting at them  (I love you still Riva!).

Here is my girl with Hennessy and Roman - Henny is on her left.

This is Roman - he is very cute :)

The chickens - just because I sooo want some - black and white please!

After our ride, we untacked, fly sprayed again, and turned the boys back out to their pasture.  We cleaned up and went out to lunch.  I had a great time and loved getting to spend some time with my daughter.  I miss riding with her...but know this working student position was a great choice for how to spend her summer.  She has an eventing show this weekend, so we will be hauling for her tomorrow afternoon.

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achieve1dream said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Hennessy and Roman look like twins lol. Too cute!