Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Riva Update & CAF Show

I have not posted much about Riva lately - we are still re-habbing and working to keep her front shoes on.  For the past two weeks, I have been riding her 3 days a week - for around 45 minutes.  Lots of walking and straight line trotting.

Last week, she was really getting back to her normal self.  The trot finally felt like I remembered and she was forward and happy - ears perked, floaty, moving freely in the shoulders.  In fact, I rode her in the outdoor jump arena on Friday afternoon for the first time in awhile.  It has been sooo hot, so I have been riding her in the indoor with our new arena fans blowing.  Anyway, Friday's ride was the first time I have been able to just squeeze the outside rein and get trot!  I was kinda shocked - we have been working towards this but not quite achieved.  I thought the first time, I must have squeezed my legs or bumped her with my heel - so I tried again...she moved in to trot from just the squeeze in the outside rein :)

I called the vet on Friday with my two week update.  She wants to see her before she oks more under saddle work.  We are shooting for this Friday afternoon to take her for a recheck, which will mean more x-rays this time, and more $$$.  On Friday, she will be a week out from her next farrier visit - so good timing if the vet wants any changes made in her shoes and trimming.

On other horse news, daughter had a show yesterday at Come Again Farms - event derby.  Wow, was it hot!  But her and Hennessy were awesome :) 

Arrived there Friday afternoon, got all our crap stuff moved in to the barn and Henny settled in his stall.  With the weather, we opted to put up a fan and so glad we did.  Henny spent most of his in stall time parked in front of it.  L got Henny tacked up and rode him in the outdoor dressage arena.  She had a good warm up and went thru her test.  She was riding Beginner Novice Test B for the first time - she had me watch and just tell her if she forgot something.  She skipped one move by mistake, corrected it, and finished up.  Got Henny cooled down and settled for the night in his stall.

Saturday arrived and Henny was stall walking when we got there and from the looks of his stall, had been at it for awhile.  After eating his morning feed, he still was not settling, so L took him out and hand grazed him for about 45 minutes.  This helped tremendously - any other time he was in the stall on Sat - he was munching hay or dozing.

L got on about 40 minutes before her Dressage Test time and warmed up.  Henny was a little stiff in the back left - usually is if he has been stall walking.  But he worked out of it and was moving well before her test time.  They did their test - thought it looked good and L remembered the test :)  After Dressage - tack change and jump warm-up time.  At CAF, when they have the event derby, the stadium and cross country are combined.  They start with 2 stadium jumps, then up the bank and in to the cross country field, jump 5 obstacles in the field, then back in to the stadium for 2 more jumps.  Henny looked good in the jump warm up and went clear, no faults, in their division.  Beg Novice at CAF is 2'7".  They have been schooling 3' at home and 3'3" just recently.

L and Henny placed 2nd - they were tied for 1st place - she was thrilled with that! They also tried the Hunter Pace for the first time and placed 5th.  L enjoyed it and Henny loved it - L said she kept having to slow him down - gotta love those OTTB's!

Pics to follow...soon.

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achieve1dream said...

Congrats to your daughter! That is so awesome. :D I can't wait to see pictures.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that Riva's recheck goes well.