Show Season

Show Season

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Some New Videos

My husband took a few videos of us on Wednesday evening.  Riva was not moving at her best, but I wanted some comparisions to our last videos - I think the last ones were in the winter.

                                                                 Lounging first:

Then riding:

Farrier was out on Thursday evening for our regular 4 week visit.  He put shoes on the back feet, new shoe on the front left, and checked the right front (he had put a new one on the RF the previous Friday at our vet visit).  IT was late by the time he finished, so I just put her up for the night.

On Friday, I went out to see Riva and took her to the outdoor dressage arena to lounge her.  We just spent 10 minutes on each side, with lots of trotting down the long sides - which meant lots of running and sweating for me!  She was moving great - lots of lift and energy.

I won't ride her again until Sunday afternoon / evening.  We are going to a Belgium Warmblood Keuring on Sunday morning / afternoon.  We went last year and really enjoyed it.

On Friday, my daughter who is a working student this summer, got the opportunity to go swimming with her horse.  Check out her blog at if you want to read about it!


SprinklerBandit said...

I -love- her color. What a pretty girl.

Kelly said...

Thanks! I have enjoyed watching the videos of your girl :) Soon it will be you back in the saddle!

achieve1dream said...

Looking good! She's so pretty. :) I'm going to your daughter's blog right now. I hope you guys had fun at the keuring.