Show Season

Show Season

Monday, September 3, 2012

Indoor Lesson

We got dumped on the past few days...not as much as originally predicted, but more rain than I care for.  Lesson was inside yesterday of which neither the Diva or I was excited about - but always good to get a lesson with Alexis.  We started out but right away I could not get Riva in front of my leg.  She was not being hard in the mouth, just sluggish and on the forehand. 

Alexis had me hop off and she worked her in hand for a bit then jumped on.  She got Riva moving and quick off the leg.  I hopped back on and of course, immediate difference. 

Here is pre-trainer ride:

Of course, I was not helping with my position.  My body seems to think if I lean forward and throw my hands at her, she will speed up and lighten up.  My mind knows that does not work and Lex worked on my position after I got back on. 

Here is post-trainer ride:

Hmmm, amazing what happens when I sit back!  Dang those elbows though - I do know how to bend them.

Lex rode Cheers around while she gave me my lesson.  She is trying to work with him each time she is out to the barn.  He is so fat - but cute :)  Can you all believe he is an OTTB? 

We ended by running thru my Intro C test.  We got canter at the correct time and trot transition at the right time.  And when I watched the video, it looked better than I thought it felt.  Have not uploaded the video, as it takes a thousand years!
It was good for me to run thru the test inside, since if it rains next weekend, my dressage test will be in an indoor at CAF.  As we have shown there several times, I am not worried about being moved to the indoor.  I am looking forward to next weekend.  Our last show was at the end of June.
Portions of the Intro C test to work on this week - after reviewing the video:
 - free walk (fine line between a good paced walk and Riva breaking to trot)
 - trot down centerline after opening halt (I need to concentrate on keeping Riva straight when asking for trot transition - she tends to fall to the right)
I did finish pulling her mane yesterday, trimmed up her fetlocks, bridle path, and muzzle.  Now for a whitening bath everyday and maybe she will be fairly clean next Saturday!


Suzanne said...

The before and after pics are fabulous! And now you have the picture to fall back on when you need a refresher!

Speedy G said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes!!!!!! It sounds like you are making such great progress. :0)

The Fullers said...

I love that your daughter is able to help you!!! so awesome! Looking great!!

Emme said...

For Pippis white areas We use the blueing shampoo they sell for old ladies at Walmart. Silver and purple bottle. Leave on for at least five minutes and rinse off. Amazing results. Better than any horse blue shampoo. Good luck. U both looked great.

Kelly said...

Thanks for all the nice comments!

Emme - will be looking for that shampoo at Walmart. Thanks for the tip!

achieve1dream said...

Whitening bath every day? Poor Riva!!! LOL!

Wow, I love those two pictures as comparison. What a difference! Looking good girl!