Show Season

Show Season

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Count Down To Show!

Monday was part conditioning part dressage school day.  We did 3 nice forward laps around the galloping tract with long stretches of canter.  Love Diva's canter on the backside of the tract - so smooth and floaty feeling.  We went into the outdoor dressage ring and worked toward recreating that canter in the arena.  It is getting there - if I let her stretch out long and encourage lots of forward (leg is working better than whip) first than I am starting to be able to bring her back and get brief moments of canter with more contact.  Left lead circles are feeling good - right is still tough, getting and keeping the bend.

Tuesday was a drizzly day and the outdoor arenas and gallop track were too soaked to ride in.  Indoor it was!  One other rider was schooling when Diva and I were ready.  Started with some power walking and long, low forward trot to warm up.  I began to take up some contact and ask for more power from behind - lately, this has caused resistance when schooling in the indoor - yesterday, no attitude!  Lots of good girls for that! 

By the time we moved on to canter, another rider had joined us - Riva's studly Belgium Warmblood love interest - but she stayed focused and with me.  Ok - who took my mare and left me a new one?

First rider finished up and studly WB went outside for a walk in the rain - so we ran thru the Intro C test.  Only obvious error was Riva broke to canter on our left 20 meter trot circle - my fault as I used a strong leg aid to ask for more forward.  Canter departs where prompt - ride lead 20 meter circle needs more accurate shape.  Halts were relaxed and front legs square.  We ended on that!

Riva has two areas of rain rot on her hind legs - low, near her hoof.  Yuck - never had that ailment before.  One of the boarders had some cream she has had success with and let me try it.  Will see how it looks tonight.

This afternoon will be lunge only - Thursday another dressage school before we leave for Edinburgh on Friday.


Emme said...

Pippi has has some rainrot at times as well. Seems her white areas are more prone to that than the bay parts. You can give your horse shelter from the rain,but that does not mean they will use it. :)

Excited to hear how you do this weekend!

The Fullers said...

Bahahahahahahaha that picture is great!

Carol said...

Souns like a great ride. I know I've said this before, but I'm so jealous of the gallop track! Reading your posts reminds me of when Rogo was five. I think they were in exactly the same place.
I'm looking forward to a show report!

achieve1dream said...

Yay! Glad the attitude is gone. :D What a good girl!! It sounds like you both are ready for the show coming up. Going to be so much fun.