Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Daughter/Trainer Brag Time!

Alexis competed at Harmony in the Park Dressage Show last Sat & Sun in Edinburgh.  She showed the horse that she will be competing on at Regionals in KY next month.  They had a stellar test on Sat. - 74.5%...her highest score ever...of which I missed.  Husband and I just went on Sunday to be unpaid help watch and cheer everyone from the barn on.  She competed Training Level and ended the weekend with the Training Level High Point Award for Juniors :) 

Loot she took home!
Pretty mare she was showing - Emerald
As always, very proud of my girl and happy for her success!  She will be coming to Edinburgh with me at the end of September as my trainer. 
Congrats to Sarah of mybrainonhorses.for a great weekend showing also at HHP!  She was very busy showing multiple horses, but shouted out a hello to me as she rode by.
Also, good to see Austin of guineaforaguinness. at the show!  She was busy volunteering as a ring steward.  Looking forward to seeing her competing in a few weeks at HHP.



Jeni said...

Congrats proud momma!

Emme said...

Thats so great. Congrats to Lex. !!!!! Thrilled for her

The Fullers said...

Congrats to your daughter! That is awesome!

Lisa said...

Well done Lex!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully next show we'll get the chance to chat a bit! I need to catch up on my blogging and write a show report. ;)

achieve1dream said...

Congrats Lex!! That's awesome. And a pretty mare... what breed is she? :D