Show Season

Show Season

Monday, September 10, 2012

CAF September Show

I survived, met the goal I had set, and feel good about it!

Friday afternoon, we made it out to our barn only to have it start raining as we loaded up Riva.  Thankfully, I had loaded the trailer with everything needed, except a bale of hay, so we didn't get too drenched...that would happen later in the evening.

Daughter met us at CAF and after getting all necessary equipment into the barn, we tacked up Riva and took her to one of the indoor rings to school.  Riva was very UP, despite being at this barn several times.  There were many more people there than normal, and several more children and ponies than usual.  Riva is very leary of little ones - ponies and kids!  And goes on high alert around them - grows to 18 hands, prances, snorts, etc.  Charming.

So daughter got on first to get Riva paying attention and navigating politely around the ring.  Just before I got on to school, the storm rolled in...lightening, thunder, driving cold rain and wind.  I tried to ignore the storm and focus on schooling - and it went well.  We got in several nice canter departs and were able to get in some decent 20 meter cirles.  We worked on trot to canter to trot transitions, a few trot diagonals, and a couple of center line halts.

We left Riva with her yummy alfalfa mix hay (stored up in our barn for winter and everyone to take to shows) and headed to our fav Mexican restaurant in Sheridan.  My sweet husband got soaking wet loading my tack back up in the trailer for the night.  Found out in the morning we got over 2 inches of rain over nite.

My dressage test time was not until 3:14, but we arrived about 7:30 am to feed Riva.  I got her out and lunged her briefly, took her out a few more times to hand graze and stretch her legs.  The air was brisk Saturday morning and she was excited, but managable.  I got her braided and looking reasonably clean.

Since we had lots of time on our hands, we were able to watch many dressage tests and stadium jumping rounds.  Love watching little ones on ponies!  We got to watch the little black mare that Alexis took to event camp, Lillith, being ridden by a young girl who is trying her out to buy.  They took 4th in Green and Grass Combined Training in the Junior division and looked super together!

About an hour before my test, we got Riva ready.  Alexis got on to school her briefly - Riva was trying really hard and was not quite as reactive as Friday night.  We headed over to test about 10 minutes before my test time and found they were running ahead, so I went in the ring.  We did not get a chance to school in the outdoor arena on Friday night, of course, due to the storm.  But Riva tested there in June.  She seemed to remember and handled the arena well. 

Warm Up!
Right 20 meter trot circle

Left canter circle

My goals for this show where to get canter at the correct time and keep it - get the correct leads - and to ride more or less 20 meter circles.  And we accomplished that!  The right lead circle was small and earned a 5, but the left was better and earned us a 6.  Our entry halt was crooked and she only briefly halted - ending centerline was much improved.  Actually, the entire second half of the test was better than the first. 

I earned an 58.25 for my first Intro C test and took Second Place.  I was ok with this - much better than where I started with Intro B.  I have 3 weeks until we show again in Edinburgh and have several things to work on.  I feel confident we can improve on the canter by then.

Many thanks to my trainer daughter, wonderful husband, and my sweet mare who seems to finally be growing up! 


Anonymous said...

She looks SO good! Congrats!!

Carly said...

She looks SO good! Congrats!!

Amy said...

Sounds like a great time! You guys have come so far this season and she is growing up well thanks to you and Lexi.

Jen said...

Congratulations, she looks amazing! I love your jacket, what brand is it? I am currently on the hunt for one. Is your next show IDS championships?

Martine said...

Excellent! Well done! You look great together.

achieve1dream said...

You guys look soooo awesome!! I'm glad you had fun, met your goals and got second. Sounds like a perfect weekend. :D

The Fullers said...

You look awesome!! Congrats girl!

Speedy G said...

Nice job!!!!!! :0)

Anonymous said...

Whoohoo, good job Kelly! Looking forward to seeing you and the diva in a few weeks. :)

Hillary H. said...

Congrats! You guys looked awesome!