Show Season

Show Season

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I finally decided on the Dressage Boots 2 for Miss Riva to protect her accident prone legs and so far, am very happy with them.  After Riva's bump on her front leg that resulted in a week of stall rest and wraps, I started researching boots.  Thank you all for your helpful suggestions on what to buy and what not to buy.  Until I was able to order the boots, I used Alexis's old front jump boots that Hennessy wore. 

I ordered these from Smart Pak last Wednesday and they were on my front porch on Friday.  Love
Smark Pak!

Riva has never had back boots on, so it took her a few walk steps to adjust.  She seems to warm up so quickly since I started using boots.  I had thought that her knee caused stiffness issues but maybe she was catching her front leg with a back hoof frequently and causing soreness.  Now, she trots right out with no stiffness issues.  Would have put boots on her long ago if I had known this!
For the past two glorious fall like weather days (only 60 degrees when I rode yesterday afternoon) we have warmed up on the galloping track - 3 times around, alternating trot and canter work - with very little walking and then in to school in the outdoor dressage arena.
We are concentrating on canter circles with prompt departs and smooth downward transitions.  Also working on our trot diagonal - aiming for some extension.   Have been working on the stretchy trot circle (we will need this in Training Level next year) and Riva really likes this - I am working on keeping a connection and encouraging her to lift her back and stretch.  With the weather change, forward has not been a problem - the horses definitely respond to the chill in the air!
I have to say, it is so fun to work on canter now.  I am starting to really like this gait!  I do have to remind myself to keep equal weight in both stirrups - esp. my right side.  I chant to myself  "right leg, right foot, right leg, right foot"...helps me!


Hillary H. said...

Those look like nice boots. I need to get better about booting Hue. He has been interfering behind and thats no good... I have the cheapy version of the boots you have but never use them... Bad horse mom...

SprinklerBandit said...

Glad you found something that works!! Some horses just do better with boots. My guy is an all 4, every ride kinda guy. So it goes.

Emme said...

What kind are they? cant read on the pic.

Lisa said...

We are working on the same things with our mates right now. I think you are a bit ahead of me - I'm not quite at the enjoying the canter bit yet - but I'm sure we will get there.

Some people think boots make horses think about where their legs are and what they are doing. Sort of like when we wear a tight bandage around a limb, it makes you concentrate on that limb.

I might try putting back boots on during my next ride. It couldn't possibly hurt!

The Fullers said...

yay Smartpak!!! love them too!

Speedy G said...

I love your galloping track - I could soooooo use one of those!

Carol said...

What fun to have a galloping track. I like your warm up.
Sounds like you're working on some interesting things with canter. I need to work more on smooth transitions too.