Show Season

Show Season

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Back to Work

Riva and I spent our ride time Sunday and Monday just hacking around the galloping track - short, easy work for Riva which makes for a happy mare. When I think about it, this is good conditioning work for both of us.  There is a hill at the back that we now trot or canter up - good back end muscle building - we trot and canter 3 times around with no walking.  I worked on keeping Riva straight and coming from behind, worked on me keeping balanced and equal weight in the strirrups.

Tuesday, Alexis was able to come out to give us a lesson.  Lex got on Riva first to see where we are at.  She worked on canter transitions with contact and keeping the contact.  Riva had her normal opinion about this at first - kicks out, little bucks - but quickly got over herself.  Lex had me get on and we focused on the same - canter transitions with contact and keeping the contact.  We worked on our canter circles at A - left is good but on the right lead, I have trouble getting her into the corners.  We set cones so that we had to go between the cone and the rail - which worked well.  Now if I can remember to put out the cones when I have the outdoor to myself!

Wednesday Riva got a much deserved day off.  I think we had worked 10 days straight.  I did go out to the barn and groom her.  I got out Cheers, our OTTB, and groomed him up and hopped on for a short walk around the indoor.  He was ok - except our BO was lunging a boarder's horse and every time she said 'Trot', Cheers trotted :)  After she saw this, she told me she would wait to canter until I was thru riding.

Thursday was a rough day at work and I looked forward to getting out to the barn and riding.  Thankfully, Riva was well rested, forward, and eager to work!  We did our normal 3 lap galloping track warm-up then trotted into the outdoor dressage to school.  Left canter was very nice - right is still a work in progress.  One of my cones was still in the front corner, so that gave us better circles at A.  I was proud of Riva - another boarder was riding her giant belgium warmblood in the outdoor - Riva always gets distracted by this horse (I think she has a love/hate relationship with him).  Anyway, she was perfect.  We cantered and trotted numerous times by the giant with no issues from Riva.

Tonight will be another dressage school then Saturday and Sunday off.  Alexis competes at Harmony in the Park at Edinburgh so we will be traveling to watch her.  She is riding the horse she will be taking to Regionals in KY next month.  Looking forward to the trip to Lexington!


Lisa said...

I'm in the same boat with canter - left is good but right is a disaster. My trainer says Allie has gone a bit dyslexic and can't get her legs in order but to just keep letting her try as she will get it eventually.

Jeni said...

I would LOVE a gallop track!!! I'll have to remember to build something like that into my dream farm =)

Speedy G said...

Good for you. You;ll be flying through Training Level in no time. :0)

The Fullers said...

a gallop track sounds fun!!!

achieve1dream said...

I wish I had a galloping track too lol. And you have a hill too! Awesome. From what I've read trotting up hills is best from a muscle/fitness standpoint. If cantering I think you have to make sure they do both leads or if can muscle them unevenly? Not 100% sure, but I think I read something about it.

I'm glad Riva is doing so well. Keep having fun with her!