Show Season

Show Season

Monday, October 1, 2012

She looks good in Blue!

As my trainer/daughter stated "Great way to finish your season!".  So very proud of my Diva girl!

Please excuse my helmet hair!

We took 1st place in Into C at Edinburgh last Saturday with a score of 59.75%.  We had several 7's - free walk and medium walk (I told you all walk was our best part!).  While the halt at the start of the test almost didn't happen, I was able to let that movement go and move on.  I felt overall this test was much better than our last show three weeks ago - energy was better, rhythm more consistent, rounder horse, transitions smoother, canter that I was able to just sit up and ride.

Many thanks to Austen of guineaforaguinness for sticking around after she was done showing to cheers us on!  Austen had 3 super tests on Saturday - her and Guinness looked lovely!  Also thanks to Ella (she is not a blogger - but a student of Alexis's trainer) - she also stayed later to support Riva and I.  Ella shows a lovely Curly mare that is beautiful.  Also was able to chat a little with Sarah of mybrainonhorses over the course of the day - Sarah was super busy showing multiple horses and the tests I was able to watch her ride were stunning, as always!  Showing is much more fun the more people I meet - and blogging has given me the opportunity to expand that circle. 

Much thanks to my husband and Alexis.  Lex drove up on Saturday morning to school Riva and I and read my test for me.  She is wonderful at seeing what I need to focus on and getting me relaxed and prepared.  My husband is right there every step of the way - and a great photographer / videographer.

Not only did I get a pretty ribbon, I also got to pick out 2 bars of yummy smelling homemade soap!  Love gifts :)

Riva got a much deserved day off on Sunday.  I am sure she enjoyed her pasture time on a beautiful fall day.  Monday we are back to work - I plan to school Training Level over the winter.  My goal for the start of 2013 show season is to show Intro C and Training Level test one.  I also plan to take a few lessons with Alexis's trainer over the winter, along with weekly lesson from Alexis as her schedule permits.

Kinda sad that our show season is over for the year, but so looking forward to cheering Alexis on in Kentucky at Area 2 Dressage Regionals in two weeks!


L.Williams said...

Congrats you two look great! I wish your daughter luck at her regionals!

Karen said...

Yay!! Good job both of you!!!

Speedy G said...

Yah! Congratulations!!!!! BTW - Riva looks HUGE! :0)

Martine said...

Yay! Well done, what a great way to finish your season :)

Lisa said...

Well done!! How awesome to get a blue ribbon. :)

As always, the both of you look amazing. Do you find Riva attracts attention because of her colouring?

Kate said...

Congratulations!!!! The prizes are the best part IMO :D I would have been all over that soap!

Emme said...

Exceptional!!! I am smiling from ear to ear for you. Yay Diva and Kelly!!
(video? you said he shot video. where is the video?)

The Fullers said...

How awesome!! You go girl!! :) You both look beautifully turned out!

How fun to get to go on this journey with your daughter as well!

Good luck to her and I am sure that she will do wonderful :)

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Way to go!! Sounds like a fun and successful outing. You and Riva look great!

It's so nice to have your family support and participate in your passion with you. :D

Good luck to your daughter - can't wait to hear about the regionals!

STB Eventer said...

Nice job!!! Great pics too!! :-)

Anonymous said...

It's been neat watching you and Riva's progress in the show ring this season! Again, congratulations on the win. I hope that you are proud of yourself, too.

I'll see you guys at the KHP! My mom and sister are coming to watch and hopefully I'll be able to introduce you to them.

Is Alexis continuing her working student position through winter and next year then?


Hillary H. said...


Jeni said...

Yeah!!! Congrats!!!

achieve1dream said...

That is so awesome!!!! Congrats!!! What a way to end the season! You must be grinning ear to ear. :D

One thing has me confused though.... I thought Intro was walk/trot only... when did they add canter? It's been a while since I've closely followed dressage so it could have changed. Just curious. :)