Show Season

Show Season

Friday, October 26, 2012

First Body Clip...

...and no one was injured in the process!

Riva was super for her first body clip.  Thank you, thank you to my daughter for spending her first day off in ages with me at the barn this morning.  She even rode my mare afterwards and gave me a lesson. 


Several people at our barn employ a former groom/barn manager to clip their horses where I board.  Last year, I just didn't think Riva was ready and we were not working that hard over the winter.

This year, I knew we had to go for it and was hoping Riva had matured enough to handle it.  She was a bit nervous at first, but the groomer fed her a carrot with one hand with the running clippers in the other hand and let Riva get used to the noise.  She then let Riva stand up against the half wall in the barn aisle and started on her side.  After a bit of moving her feet around, Riva stood still and let me feed her treats and handfuls of hay for the entire clipping.  She even seemed to like having her belly done - she looked like she was in a trance for a few minutes!

I had the groom do everything but Riva's legs and face - she did shave her muzzle, bridle path, and her ears just a little.  I could not have been happier with Riva's behavior :)

Once the clip job was complete, we got her tacked up and working.  Lex got on her first to see how she is going and was pleased with how soft her mouth was and her gaits.  She even worked on a little counter canter and Riva tried and got a few steps each time.

Lex gave me a lesson - we worked on the box exercise that I learned at JC's last Saturday and we worked on canter departs and keeping a nice steady canter going.  Lex instructed me on working on counter canter a bit, which Riva seemed to like.

Once done, Riva got her blanket put on and turned out with her mare friends.  She was pretty tired - she normally takes off bucking and galloping as soon as you get her halter off and give her the ok.  Not today...she walked off and started grazing...tired pony girl.


Mona Sterling said...

It will be Tessa's first time getting body clipped this year too! Hopefully she'll take a cue from Riva and be calm about it.

Austen Gage said...

Yay! I'm so glad you guys had a good experience! I love those days when your pony is too tired to even play. That's when I know I've been doing my job.

The Fullers said...

Good girl Riva!!

Stanthehorse said...

Maybe I should have hired someone to clip Annie! She looks like she got into a fight with a weedwacker!

Hillary H. said...

Pictures? This winter will also be Hue's first clip and I am still debating what clip he will get. I am going to put it off as long as possible but it has really cooled down here and he is a hairy beast now!

Hopefully Hue will be as well behaved as the Diva was!

Emme said...

Since Pip is not working I am letting her grow out. No blanket, just hairy beast! I have always loved her mane, and now that she is not competing I am letting it grow back in. She will be my hippie horse. Even If I decide compete later on I don't think I will pull her mane again. I just hate it, and I guess its my way of rebelling! Will have to give her a saddle clip tho I suppose to help when we saddle up and ride again in a few months.

achieve1dream said...

I was going to say pictures too! Pictures?? :D Sounds like she did great. Good job Riva!