Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A New Move!

Riva had Sunday totally off - did not even make it out to the barn to  annoy fuss over her.  Fortunately, the nice fall weather held out another day so I could get an outside school in on Monday evening.  Warm up was good around the galloping track, with smooth rolling canter (so fun).

We then schooled in the outdoor dressage arena and I was happy with everything from walk to trot to canter.  Riva was forward and full of energy.  So, I decided to try something new and asked for a canter transition from walk, on the left lead...and she did it!  I was so excited I just about fell off :)  Maybe it was a fluke, I thought, so I tried it again...success!  We ended with lots of praise on that note.

On Tuesday, all the horses got their fall shots, so we took it a little easy.  I lunged Riva briefly and then did a short dressage school in the indoor.  (Boo to too much rain to ride outside) 

Wednesday - still too wet to ride outside, although we did warm up and cool down with a walk around the pond.  The horses were switched over night to day turn out, but it did not seem to affect Riva's energy.  We had a good dressage school in the indoor after some discussion about going forward with contact in trot.  After we were getting quality trot, we worked on canter.  Love to work on left lead, because it is so much easier.  We even managed a canter across the diagonal, maintaining left lead - with a transition to trot at X.  I think that is a movement in Training Level Test 3? 

My husband was with me last night sideline coaching - reminding me to keep contact, sit back, ride off the rail, etc.  I had already gotten one walk to canter transition earlier - not on purpose, just a little too much leg asking for trot.  So I wanted to show the husband our new move!  Riva did even better than Monday nights attempts - went right in to left lead canter from walk both times I asked.  Love my mare!

Hoping to get outside for a hack only this evening - bring on the sunshine!

More show pics - I have lots!


The Fullers said...

Yay for some awesome rides!!! :)

SprinklerBandit said...

Love those moments!!

Jeni said...

Fun !!!!

Kate said...

That's great!!

Lisa said...

Wow, walk to canter! That's awesome!

Speedy G said...

Wow! Good for you guys. It sounds as though you have come a long way in just a few short months!!!! :0)

Hillary H. said...

Awesome! That is the best feeling!

achieve1dream said...

Wow, that is so cool! Smart Riva! You're doing so awesome with her. :D