Show Season

Show Season

Friday, October 19, 2012

Lesson tomorrow with...

Alexis's trainer!  We are hauling the Diva to the barn where Lex is a working student to have our first lesson with JC.  Very excited...nervous...etc.  I am trying to get goals set in my head and things I want to work on, because I know she will ask.  I plan to haul up for a lesson every other week and then have Lex give me a lesson on the other week. 

In other Riva news, she is getting body clipped a week from today for the first time.  She is already getting a winter coat and was very sweaty after a couple of our rides this past week.  I plan to leave the hair on her legs and face.  She already has a mid-weight blanket and we can use Hennessy's old heavy weight blanket which has a hood, but need to get a light weight turn-out ordered.

I did make one purchase at KY Horse Park last weekend - a new rolled padded bridle for Riva!  I will try to remember to get a picture of her in it.  I love it and think she goes better in the new than the old one, which is in sad shape.

So you know I am not done with KY pics just yet...

Lex and her trainer headed back to the barn
The Budweiser horses arrived at KHP while we were there!
The Budweiser Dalmations :)
After the last test at KYP - I think that is a smile of 'finally, we are done!'


The Fullers said...

That last picture is great! Such a look of joy and satisfaction on her face :)

Oh and HOW EXCITING about your new lesson schedule!!

Hillary H. said...

Hope the lesson is awesome and yay for shopping :)

achieve1dream said...

Her trainer was riding the Friesian? *drool* :D Love the pics. So cool that you got to see the Budweiser Clydesdales! :D