Show Season

Show Season

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

First Show of 2015!

The Good:

1)  The weather.  Gorgeous!

2)  Daughter/trainer was there to coach me in warm up and read my tests.

 3)  My husband takes amazing pictures and I can see all my position flaws (and yes, that is a good!)

4)  Riva was totally in tune to my every will see this again on The Bad list!

5)  First ever show that Riva never spooked at Anything!

The Bad:

1)  Those amazing pictures show that I kept my left spur in Riva's side almost the entire time and counter bent on the left lead.

2) Riva was listening to my every aid - and I gave way too many!

3)  My scores - judges were fair, so not complaining.

4)  I was way too tense and nervous during my tests - esp. First Level Test 1.

So The Good outweighed The Bad and I it was a good learning experience show for me - probably the best ever.  I have to find a way to ride my tests like I schooled Riva the night before - relaxed, not micro manage her.  Lots of work to do before the next show!


Heartland Pony Club Combined Show - Edinburgh, IN

First Level Test 1:  54.815%  and Fifth Place

Training Level Test 3:  62.273% and Third Place

Also, we always get nice compliments at shows on how pretty Riva is...I can say this without seeming vain since I did not breed her, so I am not responsible for her prettiness :)   When I rode her up to the show office to check in on Friday afternoon, a woman I don't know flat out offered to buy her - pretty sure she was serious!  Another woman on Saturday as we rode down to compete our first test said 'You have my dream horse!'  Another comment heard was she has the most fabulous tail.

Booty shot!



SprinklerBandit said...

Can't wait for more pictures! :-)

Tracy Beavers said...

Riva *is* drop-dead gorgeous!!

achieve1dream said...

She is gorgeous!! You guys look great! I'm glad you had such a great first show. :D

If you're still going to Rolex can you email me your phone number so I can text you where everyone is meeting up when I find out?

Austen Gage said...

No matter what the issues, Riva's frame is looking super ready for 1st. :) You guys are doing well, and I'm sure you'll figure out those positional issues. (I'm having similar ones.)

Malin said...

Great job Kelly! You both look great.