Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, April 2, 2015

County Connection Dressage Saddle For Sale!

My lovely very comfortable 2012 County Connection is now for sale.  It is a Wide 17.5 seat with regular leg flaps covered in Bull Leather.  I had it made in 2012 and this saddle has only been on Riva.  It has been checked every 6 months by the same County Saddlery rep and reflocked as needed.  I have all service receipts and our County rep said she would be glad to speak with anyone interested in purchasing this saddle, should the potential buyer have questions.

It has been kept covered in climate controlled tack rooms when not in use and regularly cleaned and conditioned with Oakwood products.  The left side billets were replaced in January 2015.  Saddle comes with County cover.

I love this saddle!  Only reason I am selling is Riva has gotten a bit wider since it was purchased and when I demoed a Wide/Xtra Wide in January, she went much better.  I am also getting a smaller seat size and short leg flaps.

If anyone is interested, please let me know!  And feel free to share with anyone you know shopping for a dressage saddle in excellent condition!


Austen Gage said...

Oh well dammit! A barn friend just bought this exact saddle all the way from Cali! I'd have sent her to you. :(

Karley said...

Beautiful saddle! Tho I have no need for it lol

achieve1dream said...

Too small for me. I hope you find a buyer soon. How is Riva? I miss updates about you guys!

Coll said...

I am very interested! Is it still available?!

Coll said...

I am VERY VERY interested! Is it still available?

Kelly said...

Coll - I did sell the County Saddle last July. Best of luck with your saddle search!