Show Season

Show Season

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sweet Valentine's Day

Thank you to my sweetheart of a husband for spending yet another Valentine's Day evening at the barn.  I joked that it was the lonely hearts club last night at our barn...lots of ladies there riding...and I was the only one with husband in tow!

Riva's heart!

Since I have a lesson with JC tomorrow, we first took Riva outside for a trailer loading session.  She did really well - loaded her up 3 times and headed in with lots of pats and good girls.  The arena was crowded so I took my time grooming and tacking up - a couple of riders decided to go outside by the time we were ready (kinda suprised me as it was cold, windy, and betting the outdoor dressage arena is a disaster).  Ended up being one rider having a lesson and me - which was easy to work around.  Riva was super!  We kept it short - just some shoulder-in and leg yield at walk to warm up, then some nice trot work with more leg yielding, and then cantering with circles and diagonals.

We did stop for dinner out on the way home at a new Mexican place that opened recently, conveniently located right on our way.  As if I don't make him eat Mexican enough :)  Really good food - margaritas not so great.  Friendly staff, and owner stopped by to see how we liked it.

Excited for a lesson tomorrow - has been 4 weeks since last one.  Going to be a cold early morning...lesson is at 8 am, which means leaving our barn around 6:30 am.  Kinda like a show morning, except way colder!

Warmer days are coming!


L.Williams said...

Everyone I know seems to have eaten Mexican food last night!

Lauren said...

At this point I think I could eat Mexican/TexMex every single night of the week... and I have the extra 5 lbs of Austin queso weight to prove it!

Hillary said...

Love the pictures. Glad that you had a pony filled Valentines Day :) Sounds like your hubby is a winner! :)

Stanthehorse said...

Brrrr, I have a lesson Saturday as well but mine's in the afternoon. Bet we both freeze our butts off!

achieve1dream said...

Mexican is the best lol. I sure hope warmer days are on the way! Have fun with your lesson!

Oh and I forgot Happy Valentine's Day!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Looking forward to your lesson recap. (jealous of all those with mexican food options!)