Show Season

Show Season

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Show Time!

Ok...not yet, but very soon!

I have been organizing my 2013 show binder and penciling in which shows we will attend.  Daughter has her barn's show meeting this Friday, so those will be added in around my shows.

I sent in my membership form for Indiana Dressage Association - first time to be a member :)  And bonus, cheaper for daughter and I to join/renew at the same time.

Here is my tenative schedule:

March 23rd - Dressage at CAF in Sheridan

April 20th  - Heartland Show at Edinburgh

May 11th - Indiana Dressage Schooling Show at Edinburgh

June 15th - Dressage at CAF in Sheridan

July 28th - Indiana Dressage Schooling Show at Edinburgh

August 10th - Indiana Dressage Schooling Show at Noblesville

September 28th - Indiana Dressage Championships and Schooling at Edinburgh

October 12th - Dressage at CAF in Sheridan

November 9th (if weather is like it was last November!) - CAF in Sheridan
 - unless Alexis is at Regionals in KY, which is Nov. 7th - 10th

Really looking forward to showing Training Level this year and seeing the blog friends, who I met last year, out showing. 

Now, if it would just hurry up and get warm!


L.Williams said...

Sounds fun, I look forward to reading about them!

Jen said...

What a tragedy, the only time our paths cross (that I know of...) is Heartland! Unless Austen and Guinness decide to haul us along to another IDS show this summer. I honestly don't know what my barn's schedule is, but we don't do a whole lot of that straight Dressagin', sadly.

Karen said...

Hey I think Regionals are in Illinois this year. Right? I could be wrong. Anyway - will hopefully see you at some HHP shows!

T Myers said...

I hear you! So close yet so far!

Karley said...

Bring on the shows!!! :)

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

It's all coming so close, I look froward to seeing how this year goes for you guys :)

Stanthehorse said...

Hey! You match up with most of my shows! Well, the ones that include jumping! I plan on making it to that March CAF show too. Hope it doesn't snow on us.

Stanthehorse said...

ummm, what show in Noblesville in August?

S. Lauren said...

Exciting, you're going to have a fun year! I hope all your shows go well!

Kelly said...

Stanthehorse - the August show in Noblesville is on the IDS calendar - at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. I have never been there - but plan to this year!

Speedy G said...

Can't wait to hear how you do!!! And just cause I really don't know ... are any of these USDF/USEF shows? Are the non-schooling shows IDS rated and the schooling shows un-rated?

It is so fascinating how shows are run in different states. Does IDS offer incentive or awards? The California Dressage Society (CDS) has a list of awards that even the lowest level riders can aim for. In 2011 I earned a certificate and for 2012 I am getting a metal plate that attaches to a perpetual plaque.

Kelly said...

Karen(with Hampton) - I think you are right about Regionals being in Illinois this year. I saw Dressage Finals in KY listed on the IDS calendar and thought that was Regionals!

Speedy G - all the shows I plan to attend this year are un-rated schooling shows. The shows at CAF in Sheridan are not IDS approved, so they can not count towards year end awards. IDS does offer year end awards, but from what I have read on your blog and one in PA, other states have more to offer than Indiana.

achieve1dream said...

I'm looking forward to following along this year! I hope you get to go to all of your shows you picked out. :D