Show Season

Show Season

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lesson Review

For our lesson this past Saturday, we worked primarily on the trot one loop that is in Training Level Test 3.  Lex helped me with it last week but I really did not grasp the change of bend in the movement until JC had us do this exercise.

By trotting a 10 meter circle at the start, middle, and end of the loop, I began to understand the change of bend.  The left loop is much harder for us than the right - as it seems all things are - so this will take the most schooling.

She then had me remove the 10 meter circle at the start and end and just circle in the middle.  Which then led to no circles, but just riding the loop. 
We also worked on leg yielding from the centerline to the wall in both directions.  No video of this.
'Can we please be done now?!'


Karen said...

riva looks like she worked her butt off! :)

Hillary said...

Riva was steamy! Sounds like a good exercise.

Speedy G said...

I like that exercise. Speedy does the 1 loop serpentine pretty well, but he can get heavy in my hand. Making a circle in the center would be helpful. I frequently do it in the corner already.

S. Lauren said...

Both of you look great!

Emme said...

Circles are the key to most things it seems. I can see in the video that Riva softened quite a bit afterward. You look awesome!!

Lauren said...

She's a fancy girl - I love her trot!