Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reason number ??? why I love horse bloggers

Reason # ???: 
     Because everyone at my barn is a perfect rider with perfect horses
 and reading blogs
makes me feel better
I am a greenie, my horse is a greenie - I know these things.  But at times I beat myself up because I am still working on riding the canter.  No one else at my barn has that basic to work on (ok, maybe one other person, but her horse is totally not a greenie). 
So I spend many drives home feeling low, even though I know my expectations are sometimes set very high.  I love reading all the blogs I follow, esp those who have young and/or green horses, and reaffirm that others have the same struggles.
I have another lesson with JC on Sunday morning - very much looking forward to it.  And, a show a week from Saturday!  Yes, I said I was done for the season...but who can resist a November Indiana :)  I have entered Intro C and Training Level Test 1 at the November Come Again Farm Show.  Several people from JC's barn are going and the show is offering fun classes that my daughter Alexis is going to participate in.  Hoping my fingers and toes don't go numb!
Warm up pic from show in September at Edinburgh


SprinklerBandit said...

That's the great thing about the blogosphere--no matter what you're going through, you can count of the fact that someone else has been there and is willing to talk you through it. I have met the coolest people this way and I love it!

Karen said...

LOOK at that photo you posted at the bottom girlfriend!! Riva looks amazing. See that telescope muscle working in her neck? She is tracking up, on the bit and over her back. That other horse and rider are watching you in admiration. You should be proud of your progress!

I wish I could still got to CAF shows. I love that place. Take lots of photos!

S. Lauren said...

I love reading other horse blogs too. It's amazing how passionate so many people are for the same thing.

Mona Sterling said...

I am so with you on this! On days when I feel like I'm the only adult who didn't have a pony as a kid or who doesn't have unlimited funds to buy the perfect horse and put it in full training, reading blogs of others who struggle is so helpful! I know it's hard sometimes to put your struggles out there for the world to see, but I appreciate every moment of it. Knowing there are other people who can't canter well(argh!) or who's hearts beat faster when there are no arena walls, has really helped me feel not so alone in the horse world.

Emme said...

Good for you. So glad you are going for it.

I love reading about others at my level too. Well my age and level. Many riders are back to riding while this is all new to me. Never rode as a kid so after 40 I am at kid level. :)
I try to keep expectations at bay by deciding what Pippi and I will work on without deciding ahead of time how I want it to turn out. Instead of "I will master the canter, " I say "ill work on cantering." No pressure just keep practicing

Adventures of the Super Ponies said...

I remember going to to barn at 5am just so no one was around to see Bre and I. We were both a hot mess when she was 3/4. When you are riding a greenie there are days when even an olympic rider wouldn't look good. Even the other day when I was riding Josey who isn't green but can't figure out how to canter I was so hoping no one noticed I was creeping into fetal position with my legs up to her flanks. How my body thought that would help her canter, I dont know, but clearly it was overriding all of the years of training NOT to do that.

The Fullers said...

What a great picture of you and Riva!!!! You look awesome! I don't see greenie there at all! :)

Yay for another show and lesson! Rock it girl!

Hillary said...

Horse show!!! You guys are going to do awesome!

Ps- you look like pros in that picture - Riva is gorgeous!

Julie K said...

I'm definitely in agreement and love hearing about current and past (Super Ponies with Bre) greenie owners. I also love following bloggers who also deal with the challenge of working full time and training their horse...for whatever reason, all the other boarders where I currently board and boarded in the past, don't work or don't work full time. I always feel like a loser when despite trying, only make it out twice a week.

Kelly said...

Thank you all for your kind comments - lifted my spirit!!

L.Williams said...

Agreed with above posters your horse looks awesome in that last photo. Keep your chin up, everyone has something to work on. And even if someone is more advanced they can always go back and solidify the basics.

Jeni said...

They (we) all started at the beginning no matter where they are now. Some of us (them) have to return to the beginning because they (me) forgot to learn something.

No reason to hang your head low, or feel bad at all - NONE ! Look at where you're at - at what you're doing!!

achieve1dream said...

The reason you're still working on canter is because you are learning the RIGHT way to do it with no shortcuts or cheats! That's awesome! A lot of people skip the basics, rush them or use shortcuts, so it can seem like they get through the basics a lot faster. I'm not talking about anyone in blog-o-spere by the way. :) Keep up the awesome work because you two look amazing!