Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

CAF November Show With More Details!

Last show of the season, for real this time!  We entered and competed Intro C and Training Level Test 1 - our third time to compete Intro C, first time at Training Level.

It was a gorgeous day...warm, sunny...sure did not seem like November in Indiana!  I need not have worried about numb toes and fingers.

Training Level was first for us.  First halt was better than we normally achieve at CAF - the past few times competing there, Riva would barely stop.  Although we started well, we just could not get on the same page.  Our canter work is still in the developing stages so that was a challenge for us.  Our circles were more like small footballs and not the prettiest, but time and practice will rectify this!

In Training 1, you begin the canter in the second half of a circle at A then contine cantering down the long side to a semi-circle from B-E or E-B.  On the right lead canter, Riva dropped out of canter on the long side and I could not get it back for the semi-circle.  Right lead is our weakest and we have much to work on over the winter.

We earned a 57.292  and a blue (we were the only competitors in Training Level Test 1 for Novice Horse).  While this was not my lowest score ever, I still expected more and was disappointed in myself.  I did not get the on the bit work that we have been achieving, but she was steady in both tests.  Riva received 7's for her gaits in both tests and I got 7's for rider position.

Intro C was an improvement.  I felt more confident and tried to ride every movement, prepare for each move, and show that I was physically trying to push Riva out on her circles to get the correct shape.  The judge spoke a bit with me afterwards and said she could see I was making a real effort and my score improved - 62.25  and another blue (this time there were 3 in my class).

I am glad we went - I really like showing, everything about it.  And every show is a learning experience for Riva and myself. We competed in 8 shows this year, showing Intro B, C, and Training Level Test 1.  This show was my first time to compete in two tests in the same day.

I could not do it without my husband and daughter - thank you both for supporting, encouraging, and cheering me on!

Need to get someone to take over the camera for my husband so you all can see him!


Jen said...

It has been awesome watching (in person and through the blog) the two of you develop this year. I can't wait to see you guys next season!

Martine said...

I totally agree with you about liking showing, I'll never be in the big league but I love having a day out with my horse :D

57.29% is not bad at all given that you had a major whooopsie in your right canter - you must have dropped a fair few points over two movements (by the sound of it) plus you would have lost at least a mark off your collectives too.

Your other score was great - anything over 60% is worth celebrating, in my world anyway!

(Lovely photo of you and your daughter/trainer! Mine would have killed me if she'd ever tried training me!)

Mona Sterling said...

Such gorgeous warm weather and you two look SO GOOD!!!

Carly said...

First place (whether there were other people in your class or not!) for a Training level test? Isn't this the same person who wasn't sure they wanted to show Intro C earlier this year? Mm Hmm. Big Hoorah for that!!! Congrats!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Congratulations Kelly - You two make a beautiful pair!

Austen Gage said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Training Level :) You'll be rocking it in no time! Great job on Intro C. I can believe that judge saw you trying hard, you always put in so much effort. You almost glow with it, really.

But anyway, you have to have that one disappointing show to drive you to improve. Right? That's what I keep telling myself ;)

I'll volunteer to take a family portrait next time I see you guys. Promise!

L.Williams said...

Congrats on your ribbons and more importantly, congrats on your score improvement!

BeBe said...

Congrats on your blues! Great way to end the season!

Hillary said...

Congrats! I am sure you are very proud of yourself and the lovely mare! :)

Speedy G said...

Good for you! That intro score was great. The training level scores will come. :0)

achieve1dream said...

Don't be disappointed in your score. You both did fantastic! Every class is valuable experience and you both are learning so much. I'm proud of you for all that you have accomplished with Riva!