Show Season

Show Season

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time with daughter

Lex is loving her working student position and hopefully soon will be back to blogging about it.  Right now, she shares the barn apartment with the groom and does not have internet access.  In about 3 weeks, she will move to the pool house at the owner's house.  And by pool house,,,don't think she will be roughing it!  Cute, cute place with 2 full bathrooms, loft bedroom, full kitchen, flat screen tv mounted in the main room - pool and hot tub right outside the door.  Feel so sorry for her :)  And, she will then have internet access.

Lex was home yesterday afternoon - off work until Sunday morning - so, of course, she went to the barn with Mom & Dad and out to dinner.  It was good to have her home to ride Riva for me and show me a few cantering 'tricks' that helped Riva pick up and sustain the canter for me.  Afterwards, she hopped on Cheers, our OTTB, and walked around the pond with Riva and I.  It is times like last night that I try and remember how blessed I am and soak up the moment.  Just to ride with my daughter and talk - lovely fall evening, crisp, cool air, relaxed horses (hard to believe, but Riva must have been too tired to be annoyed by having to walk around with a gelding!). 

I have been inspired by a few bloggers Halloween contest photos, and have to share and old one of Lex and a pony that we leased for a couple of years for her.  Tag (Truely A Gem) was an ornery POA, that would do anything for Lex.  She worked at the barn where he is boarded, for a few years, teaching beginner Western Pleasure.  Tag would sometimes get used for a lesson horse and Lex could always be coaxed into hopping on him and doing a little reining type spinning. 

Happy Halloween!


Emme said...

Having a horse and a horse loving daughter is indeed s blessing we share. Love the Halloween photo. Have z great Halloween weekend. I am off to dress Pippi as Rudolph for trick and treat. Poor pip

achieve1dream said...

Oh my goodness that is a cute costume!!