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Show Season

Friday, October 21, 2011

Saddle love

I had my County saddle fitting / evaluation today with our area rep, SI.  I rode in all four County dressage saddles - and mediums, wides, and x-tra wides.  I was HOPING that a fellow boarders County Fushion would fit Miss this boarder was buying a new County and selling hers....hers is a medium and the Diva - is a wide.  Well of course she is!!!  What totally amazed me was once we determined Riva is a wide was how every model fit her differently.  They all put me in a different position and they all caused a reaction in Riva - some for the good and some for the bad.  It was so interesting to watch her ears - she most definitely tells you what she is feeling!  When I found the one that worked for both of us -  it was instantly a light bulb moment - like an 'oh...this is how she is supposed to feel and how I am supposed to ride'.  The difference in Riva's movement was wonderful - she was using her hind end, so up in the front, and forward.  My leg stayed where it should - it was amazing!

So, I will soon be ordering a County Connection - wide.  Love!  And can not wait until it arrives....which takes about 12 weeks.  Until then, I will be riding bareback and hopefully borrowing a saddle.

Connection | County Saddlery


Karen said...

Oh Countys are wonderful! Congrats!!

achieve1dream said...

Eeeeh so exciting!!! It must be torture waiting on it to arrive.