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Friday, September 30, 2011

Wide Girl Needs a New Saddle!

I could use anyone and everyones input - Riva has sadly outgrown her Kieffer dressage saddle.  It is so comfy for me - even though the seat size is too large - but not so comfy for Miss Diva any longer.  It is a medium tree and she needs a wide.  I looked in to having it adjusted by Kieffer USA - but the cost I can't justify since it still would not fit me.

I have started looking on-line and really want a saddle that can be adjusted or re-flocked down the road.  Riva is 4 now, but I imagine she still has some body changes coming.  She is wide backed, not high withered - she is Warmblood X TB.  I have been looking at used County saddles and Schleese (which are really $$$ - probably won't be able to go with Schleese).

Anyone have suggestions - advice?  I will most likely sell the Kieffer when I find something that fits Riva.  The Kieffer is too large for our other TB, Cheers.  Will try and get a pic of it and post if anyone is interested!


SprinklerBandit said...

Izzy is Oldenburg x TB, not as wide as she thinks she is (but still pretty wide), and has moderate withers. She fits beautifully in our nice older Passier. I have a thinline shim pad the throw under it and I can adjust as needed, but it's working really well.

Plus, Passiers hold their value really well. Mine is 15ish years old, I bought it for $800 and and I'm quite comfortable with the fact that I'll easily be able to sell it for that, too. This is kind of important if you're fitting a changing horse. ;-)

Lisa said...

My mare is a (mostly) Hanoverian/TB mix (with a little Arab and holsteiner) and is quite wide. I got the KN Ouverture Victoriana (it's an Austrian saddle). It fits both her and I very well, I love it.

Kate said...

I feel your pain. Lucy outgrew her medium tree saddle exactly a year ago and I ended up getting a wide tree Stubben for her. It's a hunt seat saddle but it is super comfy and grippy (pretty much defying all of the generalizations about Stubbens that I've encountered) and it's wool flocked so it can be adjusted as she grows.

Carol said...

My husband got an extra wide Albion for his draft cross mare and it fits her like it was made for her. I would think a wide would be good for you, and they can be re-flocked to change fit, within reason. I have a WOW (British) and anything can be changed on it to adjust to the horse. It's hard to find a used one though and new can be pricey.
We got our saddles from a saddle fitter, so if there is a good, reputable one in your area they might be a source for a good used saddle that can be adjusted. Good luck.

Sarah Y. said...

County could be a good choice since we have a rep in the area who will adjust it for you and your horse. Plus she can bring dmo saddles and such.

achieve1dream said...

I'm totally going with a treeless saddle because they adjust with your horse, so no more saddle fitting woes or growing out of it. :) Some of the Italian ones even have interchangeable seats for different disciplines. They are kind of pricey though. One of the reason I want one is because it can go between different horses with simply a pad and girth change. :) Something to look into maybe. Some of the German ones can be found cheaper used, but they aren't as nice looking. I have no personal, hands on experience though. Just going by my own research and what I've been told. Good luck finding a new saddle!

Kelly said...

County, and I second the recommendation of Sara Ivie.