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Monday, September 5, 2011

Hennessy's diagnosis

As I posted last, the news was not good or what we had hoped for.  Hennessy has two torn muscles in his left hind leg - the cruciate is 80 % torn and the medial meniscus is 75 % torn with the lateral meniscus inflamed.   Our vet determined this with x-rays first then an ultrasound.  Only two treatment options were given by our vet - stem cell treatment, which would involve two rounds plus 6 months of stall rest - followed by 6 months of very small pasture turn out - followed by hand walking, then riding.  She could only offer a  20 %  chance of full recovery after this course of treatment.  The other treatment option - 6 months stall rest - followed by 6 months very small pasture turn out.  This treatment would only give the outcome of Henny being a pasture mate for the rest of his life.  And with either treatment option, there is always the chance of one or both muscles tearing further - or completey apart and he would immediately have to be euthanized.

Henny is a stall walker if left inside - and he stall walks at feeding time - and turn out time.  So if we tried to stall rest him, he would have to be under mild sedation all the time.  He is a hard keeper - we struggle to keep weight and muscle on him.  So he would lose all conditioning.  And he is 15.  He also has an old knee injury on the left front.  The vet said stall rest would put more strain on that knee and most likely cause swelling. 

Hennessy loves his job - eventing (ok, mostly the jumping part of his job) - and we just can't see subjecting him to either treatment option.  He is our daughter's horse - she picked him out and loves him dearly.  This is understandable hard on our entire family - but of course, she is suffering the most at losing her partner.  He took a girl who once said 'I never want to jump' to a brave young woman with determination and skill. 

I know many more horses will come and go in Lex's life - but it does not make it any easier. 


Lisa said...

That is just horrible. I have never even heard of an injury like that! I feel for your family and especially your daughter. :(

Amy said...

Heart breaking :( I am so sorry for Lex and pray that she has comfort and this ends up being a learning experience to help her become an even better horse girl. These horses can really tear our hearts apart.

I remember at age 15 hand walking my arab that I had had since I was 1 year old when he colicked at age 18. Then later saying good bye just before euthanizing him. It was crushing yet charachter building. Sadly to be a good long term horse person death is a big part of that relationship.

Again so sorry.

achieve1dream said...

I'm so sorry! That's some rough news and a tough decision for your daughter to make. I hope something works out for you guys. I'll have you all in my prayers.

DressageIsToDance said...

I am so, so sorry to hear this. It seems like everybody's babies are breaking lately, and too many I've heard don't have a full recovery expected, if any. :(

We are still trying to figure out entirely what is the problem with my Amber.

Hennessy and your daughter will be in my the very least, she has many memories and a lifetime of things he has taught her!

Kelly said...

Thank you all for your kind comments, thoughts & prayers.

Amy - I can't comment on your blog...but thank you for the recent post on your blog. Lex is very fortunate to have many friends in the horse world that are keeping her spirits up. She has been offered another working student position when she graduates from high school in October. The opportunites just keep opening up for her - and for this, I am most thankful.

I have always known 'horse' people have the biggest hearts - and they continue to prove me right.

Mango said...

I read about Hennessy on the Beebee Chrome Chevalier blog. I am so sorry to hear about his injuries and diagnosis. What an awful thing to lose such a dear friend, especially for your daughter. My thoughts are with you.

Mango Momma

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh no...I'm so so sorry.

Emme said...

I just found your blog today, and being a part of mother/daughter team I truly feel for the both of you. I am sure you are sad for your own sake, as well as deeply hurting for your daughter.
I hope that whatever decision you make gives you peace in knowing that you did what was best for your partner. You know this horse best, and will know best what he can and can not handle.

Kelly said...

Thanks again all. Anyone who has a daughter knows it does hurt double - watching thru your daughter's eyes and your own.