Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New video of The Diva and her Trainer

Here is some video of Lex working Diva taken last week.  I can see so much improvement from the previous video we took about 3 weeks ago.  Riva's stickiness is disappearing - her trot is improving - her canter has gotten stronger and she can sustain it longer - she is learning to canter on cue instead of running in to it - and she seems much happier working.  We are still riding every other day until she sees the vet for her re-check this Friday. 

Tonight, Lex rode her very briefly and then gave me a lesson on her.  We worked on slowing the trot on the short sides and lenghening on the long sides - walk to trot and back to walk transitions - medium walk and free walk.  Lex then hopped back on and took her for her first walk around the galloping track = new feature at our barn!  Riva was a superstar and walked calmly around for Lex.


Lisa said...

Sounds like Reva is coming along nicely!

Amy said...

Riva is looking great and Lex is a lovely rider. So glad to see such good work after all the struggles you guys have had to go through this summer.

Emme said...

When I first saw the video, I had to blink; white sox, two tone tail, is that Pippi? LOL Slap a bigger white bootie on that horse, and from a distance you have my mare. What a weird coincidence it is that we both have teen daughters as our trainers too. Riva is looking good, calm and with growing confidence.

Karen said...

Lex is a great little rider! Riva looks wonderful as well. :) Hope to see you guys at some shows sometime!

achieve1dream said...

They look great! What an improvement. She's moves so nicely. I love her even, forward trot. :)