Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Last weekend, we stumbled upon an event taking place while out sight seeing.  We are still tourist in our new home state and try and get out to see new places every chance we get.  Last Saturday, we planned to visit the small town of Paris, Ky - mainly to check out the antique stores and re-visit a nice tack store where we purchased Riva and Cheers leather halters before we moved.

While at the tack store, which is Quillin's (check it out if you are ever in the area!), I saw a poster advertising for the Secretariat Festival which happened to be taking place that day.  After inquiring with the tack store saleswomen, we decided to check it out after lunch.

So glad we did!

Alexis got a signed poster with this guy -

The jockey from the movie - Otto Thorwarth!  

And this famous lady was signing autographs - the line was super long so we just snapped a pic of her -

Penny Chenery - The First Lady of Racing, Secretariat's Owner

Charlie Davis - Secretariat's exercise rider

There was a silent auction with lots of memorabilia, gorgeous photos...Thoroughbred lover's paradise!

Will post soon a Riva update!


L.Williams said...

Wow how cool is that.

Natalie S said...

That's so cool!

Karley said...

How cool! Secretariat is Henry's great grandpa :)

Bakersfield Dressage said...

Fun! I guess that's what you get for living in horse country!!!!! :0)

2LeftSocks said...

That's pretty cool! I love my Quillin's halter!!

Emme said...

How cool is that? Sounds like a grand ole time

T Myers said...

How awesome!

Aoife said...

That is so cool that you happened upon the poster. Looks class!