Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My first week at my new job at USEF was great!  My official title is 'Competition Evaluation Analyst' and there are 4 of us in the Competition department.  Most of my job duties involve processing licenses for shows in all disciplines throughout the US.  Lots of rules and regulations to learn but it is interesting and the woman training me is very patient :)

I wonder how long before driving in thru the horse park-  

and walking into the USEF building, will become normal to me!

My sweet husband took some pics of the Diva and I on Friday evening - wanted to get a nice shot with me in the cowboy boots my former co-workers got me as a good-bye present when we moved from Indiana, so I could send them a thank you.  Miss Riva was patient for most of the photo shoot - until she saw her pasture mate getting turned out for the night.  Then she was all done with playing along!

Have not set on her bareback since we moved!

I think the only time I have ever sat on her without a helmet.

Being patient.
Even got my truck in the shot!  Headed in to the barn.

Saturday morning we went to the Keeneland yearling sale in Versailles.  We had visited Keeneland a few years ago and it was just as beautiful there as I remembered. 

Paul didn't take him camera in since we did not know if it was allowed.  So you get a cell phone pic :)

Keeneland Yearling Sate

Horse after horse went for $100,000 on up for the hour we sat and watched the auction - amazing amount of money changing hands - and this sale goes on for two weeks!  We walked all around the grounds and had lunch outside there.  Can not wait to go back the beginning of October to watch racing there.  They only run races at Keeneland in April and October.

Another weekend activity we have been enjoying since moving to KY is visiting winerys and distillerys - I like my wine and husband likes his bourbon!  We went to a lovely place yesterday called Lovers Leap Winery and then to Wild Turkey Distillery.

 Bought home a bottle of this to enjoy.  


Anonymous said...

Your new job sounds very cool indeed! And I'd say that driving through the horse park will NEVER seem normal or humdrum to you :D
I love the photo of you headed back to the barn. What can I say, I seem to like tail shots! And it's great to have your truck's tail in it too!!

Karen said...

I think I'll watch a day of the Keenland sales - looks so fun! Although I think the end of the sale is the "cheap" yearlings. Some go for $1000. Will have to make sure I don't have any exra cash on hand if I go. HA!

L.Williams said...

You new job sounds awesome for the horse and show enthusiast!

Aoife said...

Congrats on the new job, what a dream situation to land - wow I don't think going to KHP everyday will ever be normal!
Riva looks great and it's wonderful to hear she is all settled in in her new barn. must be great to have herself & Cheers at the same place again.

Emme said...

I am so happy for you that the move has proven so positive in every way. Great pics of two beautiful gals.

Tracy said...

I loved working in the equine industry; it's so fun to stay on top of the latest issues as part of your job, and I thought it was pretty cool to see the "other side" of shows.

Karley said...

OMG your new job sounds amazing and life looks like it's just wonderful!!

I know I will never get used to your updates or news you share about KHP :)

Great pictures of you and Riva!!

Jessica said...

I'm working the Keeneland sale thus week! Congrats on the new job!

Lauren @ She Moved To Texas said...

Great pictures! I don't think I could get used to driving through the park to go to work :)

Kat said...

Um, I totally want your job, even if I had to drive to Lexington every day :)

TeresaA said...

wow. Beautiful photos. I love the one of you two walking to the barn.

achieve1dream said...

I want to move to KY lol! :D I'm so happy and excited for you. Things are working out so well. Yay!

Oh and I love the pictures. You two look great!