Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dressage Radio

I have some catching up to do!  First off, Riva was cleared for full work at the last vet check and we are back at it!  We are going to our first Kentucky show a week from Saturday - just a local schooling show where we will compete Training Level Test 2 & Test 3.  So looking forward to it - last show was in May, so hope we aren't too rusty.

The past few days have been so lovely here - temps in the 70's, warm, sunny, blue favorite type of weather.  Today we hacked around the property with my daughter on a client's mare - Riva's bff - was so relaxing.  One of those rides where even though we were just walking, makes me realize how far we have come.  For Riva to walk calmly (on the bit even) around next to another mare is a huge improvement.  Where did that mare go that laid her ears back at every horse near her? 

A bit of exciting news to share - I was a guest on The Dressage Radio Show earlier this week and the episode is now posted.  Go to to listen on line :)  Right now, it is the current episode.  Once a new episode is posted, I am episode # 220.  If you do not have time to listen to the entire episode, I am at the 44:00 minute marker and last till 51:33.  It is a great show to listen to and they always have training tips!

Still job hunting - but have had two really good phone interviews recently.  Hope to have something positive to post on the job front very soon!

Alexis posing at a random farm - love KY!


Austen Gage said...

You know I love the Dressage Radio Show, so I'm excited to catch you on there! Good luck to you and Riva-mare. I can't wait to hear how you do, I know you'll both be fabulous.

Keep your head up about the job, you'll find something. Frustrating, though, huh?

Hillary said...

Glad you are back at it! You guys will rock next weekend!

L.Williams said...

How cool, I will have to listen while at work!

Emme said...

Just listened, so cool. You sounded great and represented us all REALLY well. :)
Go kick butt at the show. I am showing too, my first one, so we should send each other great vibes all day.

achieve1dream said...

Love that photo of your daughter. :)

I'll have to listen to your radio show later. I'm having internet problems. :(

I hope the show went well! I can't wait to read about it.

Also hope you're found a job by now lol. I got behind on reading blogs again. :)