Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Kentucky Show!

Post with details to follow - until then, pictures from our first Kentucky show!
The Results!
Warm up with my trainer :)
The 'show grounds'...are all Ky farms gorgeous?
Training Level Test 3
TL Test 3
Smiling during canter!
TL Test 3
Training Level Test 2 was in a grass arena - a first!
She was not fazed in the least by the grass arena
Gone are the days when Riva would try and exit the arena :)
Training Level Test 3 - 68.4%
Training Level Test 2 - 75.357%
Riva Diva



Steph said...

Congrats! Wow, with scores like that, it sounds like you guys are ready for first level!

Carly said...

Wow! Great scores! can't wait to read the details.

TeresaA said...

congratulations! you must be over the moon

KMequestrian said...

Yay!! Gorgeous photos, LOVE your swallowtail saddle pad :)!

Hillary said...

Love the last picture! Congrats!

Kat said...

Antebellum! I've showed there many times :-) Congrats on your first (of many I'm sure) KY Show!

Kate said...

beautiful photos!! congrats on the high scores, holy moly! she is really growing up.

Austen Gage said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Those are fantastic scores, so I'm dying to hear details.

Missed you guys at the show this weekend, for sure!

Lauren @ She Moved To Texas said...

Yay great job!

L.Williams said...

Weee congrats!

Natalie S said...

Congrats! And great photos!

Karen said...

SO. AWESOME. !!!!!

Emme said...

That is so awesome. Team Riva is Team Pippis' motivation for sure!!

Karley said...

Great job girl!!!

achieve1dream said...

Awesome!!!! Congrats!