Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking for Advice!

Need all my fellow bloggers input on sheets - horse sheets, of course.

This is what I purchased in October, after Riva's first body clip, to use in mild or rainy weather: 
Dura-Tech® AQUANON Turnout Sheet
Not Riva :)

Every time she wears it, she sweats... a lot.  It is supposed to be waterproof and breathable.  Waterproof - check.  Breathable - big fail. 

No, I did not pay much for it and it is a lovely sheet - fits very well - washes up like brand new.  It came from Schneiders Saddlery, where we have gotten all our horse blankets.  This was my first time buying a sheet, though.

I plan to call Schneiders to discuss the problem and ask for their advice on what to purchase.  But would love to hear from all of you - what brands do you recommend?  I would like to stay under $100.


Austen Gage said...

Oh crap, I hate blankets! Honestly, I've owned quite a few blankets, and I can't recommend a single one that's less than $100. Part of that reason is that I own Guinness, Blanket Destroyer, the other part is the crappy quality I've found.

If you want my opinion? SmartPak's blankets are the best for the money. I have their SmartBlue thinsulate (I use it as a medium) and the quality is outstanding. In three years, the only damage I have is some rips to the lining and a bit of eaten off piping. It was worth the money for me. No sweating issues, and it dries easily. Super waterproof. I've never had to re-proof it!

To compare, the (not even) year old Weatherbeeta I have is going to be lucky to last to the end of the season. It's already needed re-proofed, it's about as breathable as saran wrap, and Guinness has ripped holes all over it. What a waste of $60.

Ugh! Blankets!

SprinklerBandit said...

Agree with the above. There's a reason cheap blankets are cheap. Izzy and Cuna have lived in Amigos (the cheapest version of Rambos) and done great. No rubbing, ripping, or sweating.

Nicole said...

Most of my blankets/sheets are Weatherbeeta. Except for a little sweat on shoulders during 60+ degree days they breathe so well. My guys are clipped only a little, so are pretty fuzzy.

In the past we have used, Storm Shields and Rider's internationals with some luck too sheet wise.
Our colt is wearing a Kensington and it has survived his wear an tear.
Good luck with your search.

Carly said...

My Weatherbeeta sheet is awesome. Bobby is a heavy sweater and he doesn't get overheated in it at all, even in the warmer weather where, if he didn't go out all night, he could be naked.

Stanthehorse said...

I've never had the sweating issue, what kind of fill does it have? I have a fleece lined sheet from Horze that is more then a plain sheet and less then a midweight.

I will say I have a SStack blanket I bought for $75 at least 6 years ago and my retired horse has worn it every winter since then. They don't spend all day out in pouring rain but it has remained waterproof and held up great.

Carol said...

I have good luck wiht Shedrow, and tey are quite affordable. I've noticed though that my horse seems to be one of the few they fit well though - some horses seem to get rubbed by them - chest, withers, etc.
Good luck with this. Blankets can be a pain. Also, and you probably know this, don't use detergent when you wash your blankets or they'll loose their water proofing.

JmprKat81 said...

I'm a big fan of the Dover Saddlery Rider's International NorthWind sheets and blankets. They are super tough, but also come with a warranty. Took one of my blanket destroyers 3+ plus years to even put a slight scratch on his. The only time I've ever had trouble with sweating is if my horse is over blanketed. Hope this helps!

Hillary said...

My no fill for Houston is an Amigo Bravo... His medium is Weatherbeeta Taka... Some horses don't handle wearing sheets well. I know that K's horse Limerick is hot before you think about putting the sheet on... Hope you can find a solution.

Kelly said...

Thank you all for your suggestions! Now to research all those brands :)

T Myers said...

Horse ware and Bucas are the best of the best.

Like the others said, you won't find a good blanket under $100 unless its used.

Karley said...

I love Big D for the most part but am looking to try the smartpak :)

Anonymous said...

Our (wimpy winter coated) stallions and most of our boarders all have a Weatherbeeta blanket. I think this is the model or at least it's similar:
None of them are clipped, but we've not had any sweating problems or rubbing. The high shoulder gusset is the best we've found and allows even for horses with a long stride. The Weatherbeetas we own have held together for two winters so far.

Also, the SmartPak brand seems comparable. A couple of boarder horses wear that.


Kralle-Kraft said...

Personally, I use upto 3 on my mare, A canvas rug, a woolen, and a cotten, for the colder winter ( we do not get snow fall) and after a clip i will swap out the woolen for a lighter fill doona to keep her warmer, the cotton and the canvas are both combos also. I have used a internet store branded and eurohunter brand rugs, both fit my odd mare very well and all breath well. You horse may be a furnace literly and even clipped may need a lessor fill for days of finer weather?