Show Season

Show Season

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goals for 2013 and Updates

Not only was I late to post my 2012 re-cap, now I am late posting my 2013 goals!  My work life has been very hectic since the start of the new year and does not seem to be slowing.  I am not only behind on posting, but hopelessly behind on reading everyones blogs...which I really enjoy keeping up with all of you and your ponies!

Updates first:

We have been riding indoors, of course, it is truely Winter in Indiana...complete with snow, ice, and cold temps.  I do have to say we are miles ahead of where we were last year, as far as riding in the indoor.  It may take part of my ride, but we always get the forward I am aiming for by the end of our ride.  Riva is so much better at focusing on me this year - she rarely pulls faces at the other horses working at the same time.  I set the tempo and do not back down until I get it - sometimes it takes changing it up by circling, leg yielding, etc - but we get there.

I have been spending one ride a week working with ground poles and just slightly raised caveletti.  Normally this happens on Friday evenings, as I tend to be the only person riding on those nights.  Last Friday, we cantered a ground pole for the first time!  While not exciting to anyone but was exciting to me :)  Riva took it in stride, without trying to jump it, which amazed me.  The ground poles give us both something different to think about.

Every ride, we work on canter and again, we are miles ahead of last year at this time.  I now feel very confident cantering in traffic - we have steering and brakes.  Right lead is coming along nicely...left needs much work.  Thankfully, I have a lesson coming up this Saturday with JC - last one was Dec. 22nd.

I got new tall boots!  My sweet generous husband used his Christmas bonus to buy me new riding boots.  After 3 trips to try on various styles and brands, I purchased Mountain Horse boots (Venice is the style, field boots) at the end of December...spent 2 agonizing weeks breaking them in, only to have to return them last Saturday.  The elastic at the top of the right boot split.  I am waiting to hear from the store where they were bought if the company wants to repair them or exchange for a new pair.  Not looking forward to another breaking in phase if that is the choice. 

2013 Goals:

Show at Training Level - schooling shows only

Each show - enter a minimum of two tests with scores in the 60's

Qualify for and compete at IDS championships in the Fall

First show will most likely be mid-April at the Heartland Show in Edinburgh.  Any fellow bloggers planning on attending that one?  It is not just for DQ' has Combined Training, Hunter/Jumper, even Contesting! 


Amy said...

I will be at heartland most likely not showing but with my daughter as her first CT and probably bring steady along as a non compete. So see you there!

Austen Gage said...

I'm so excited with your canter progress! I know how hard it can be to get a horse to properly canter poles (Guinness is the least coordinated animal I've ever met where poles are concerned!). Way to go!

You guys are committed. I'm sure you'll make championships without a problem. Enjoy the ride :)

I'm thinking our first show will be the IDS schooling show in early May. I should post my show plans for the year, hmm?

Emme said...

Good to hear from you. Seems you are making great strides and have a toolkit to pull from. Good for you.

Karley said...

AHHHHH all that work to break the boots in! I hope they can fix your current pair for you- that would be no bueno if you have to break them all in again!!!

Tori said...

Thats too bad about your boots, I got mountain horses too but they had no break in period!

Excited to see what unfolds for you this year!

Hillary said...

Bummer about the boots! Pole work is great! Definitely a way to switch things up!

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

You are doing really well, look forward to seeing you complete your goals

achieve1dream said...

Aww I hope they repair the boots! I hate breaking in new shoes/boots.

Those goals sound great! :D

Speedy G said...

We don't have indoor arenas in my area, and I've never actually ridden in a completely enclosed building. I've ridden in covered arenas, but not an indoor. What makes Riva so upset in the indoor? It seems as though she would be more relaxed, as opposed to anxious. Just curious as it is an element to riding that I've not yet encountered. California's winters are mild enough in most parts to not warrant a fully enclosed building ... :0)

Kelly said...

Speedy G - I don't know why Riva is better under saddle outside. She is hard to get forward, not as sharp off the aids, distracted, etc. when inside. Our stalls look out at the indoor (just an aisle way inbetween the areana and the stalls). I think she sees all the other horses eating or sleeping and she doesn't want to work.

Adventures of the Super Ponies said...

Those are lovely goals!! I am sure you will accomplish even more. It is great you are working over poles. Poles give you something to focus on and break up the boredom.

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of your goals and I'm thinking it might be a fun and good idea for me to think of my goals for the year.

We're still in the process of planning our show calender for the year, but we've gone to the Heartland show for the past few years. If I have the money, I'd like to take Iniki to her first show. :)


Jen said...

I have no idea what my show schedule will involve in 2013. I think Heartland will be our next one, maybe one more schooling Dressage show before then. After that...??? I am not sure, but I will certainly see you in the Training division. :) Nice to have a friend to move up with, though Riva is going to far outstrip Connor in the Dressage ranks eventually. She's a Dressage machine!