Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, June 17, 2012


It's funny that growing up I spent summers on the lake, not on horseback (even though I would have preferred the later!)  I do love water;  swimming, boating, relaxing on a beach.  My husband and I met as teenagers at a lake where our parents both had summer homes.  When we got married, we both assumed that down the road we would do the same - spend summers on a lake, or at least have a boat to haul around from place to place.

 Instead...we have this:

  To haul this:

And occasionally this:

So instead of spending our free time playing in the water and staying cool - we spend our time getting dusty, dirty, and sweaty!

On to lesson updates:

I have had 2 lessons with my trainer since my last post and sadly, none with my daughter.  Show season is in full swing so her time at home is limited. 

Last week's lesson was a continuation of working on staightness.  We concentrated on center line entries from both directions, square halts, and riding off staight.  Trainer had me briefly work again on serpentines in trot only this time and then some canter at the end.

Entering at A on the right rein is easier for me than the left.  I lose her right shoulder when we enter on the left rein, but it is getting better.  Halts went smoother when I can remember to not fidget - I tend to try and 'fix' Riva with my hands instead of setting her up thru the trot before I ask for the downward transition to halt.  Something to continue to work on every ride.

Yesterday's lesson left me a little sore this morning - which tells me I need to do more stirrup-less work!  My trainer put me on the lounge, sans stirrups, to work on walk-trot-walk transitions.  I was to use mainly my seat, with leg back up to ask for transitions and maintain the gaits.  I did pretty well at this and Riva was on her game and listening.  This helped me work on my straightness in the saddle - I found it easier to keep my weight even and not lean to the left without my stirrups. 

We did the stirrup less work in the indoor and then moved outdoors to work on canter.  Two other riders were in the outdoor dressage so we headed to the jump arena.  Maybe because it is big with jumps scattered about, Riva forgets her brain and I do not have much steering in the jump vs the dressage arena, or maybe the dressage arena makes me THINK I have steering - regardless...we addressed steering at the canter.  At one point in the canter work, my trainer thought Riva was going to launch over a roll top instead of turn and continue around it!

We started with right lead canter - this being my easier of the two normally.  Riva always picks up the correct lead to the right and usually is easier to keep going, steers reasonably well, etc.  Steering was sketchy at best last evening but we got better by staying at one end and staying (more or less) on a large circle.  When we switched to the left lead - this being our difficult lead...she was awesome :)  We got the correct lead every time I asked and I felt balanced and with her.  I still need to work on keeping her in the canter gait on the left lead, but I was happy with the progess we made last night.

Happy rider & happy pony!


Checkmark115 said...

Love that dressage pic! Gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Good to hear how well you are going!

achieve1dream said...

I love swimming, fishing and boating too, but way prefer to have a horse and trailer. :D

I'm glad the lessons have been productive again. Keep having fun with your girl!