Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Rest of the Story

Yes, crazy horse showing woman I am, found us at Edinburgh over the weekend for a dressage show.  This time just the husband, the Diva, and myself (daughter arrived on Sunday in time to help me in warm up).

Saturday was of course blazing hot.  Lots of watering was going on to tamp down the areanas.  I have never seen it so dry at HHP.  The only tuffs of green grass weres under the shade trees near the barns.

I spent quite a bit of time schooling on Saturday late afternoon.  Was able to get Riva in both warm ups and the ring we were to test in.  She was very UP and looky, but kept it together enough to get a good work out going.

My test time was not until 1:25 pm on Sunday.  I took Riva out for a couple of hand walks in the norning and then got on to warm up 30 minutes prior to my test.

My daughter the coach!

Coats were waived but I only had my sleeveless shirt with me - put on the coat at the last possible second!

 I felt good about the test - of course, some movements more than others.  Riva was very forward around the ring before the bell and did not think Halt was a good that was our lowest mark.  Circles were decent - we are just now schooling good shapes at home with bend.  Free walk could have had more stretch.  I liked our transitions and her tempo was steady   Final halt was square.

I tried to smile a lot during the test :)
We received a 67.188% - new personal best!  That gave us a 4th place ribbon in our class.  Of course now I am really being encouraged to move up out of Intro by everyone at our barn. 
Other than that score, the best part of the show was getting to meet 3 bloggers!!!  And watch them show their lovely horses.  Jen of cobjockey was showing her sweet Connor, Austin of  
guineaforaguinness with her beautiful Thoroughbred, and Sarah of  theunexploredlandofadulthood showing the awesome Rocket.  I loved getting to chat with these women and meet their horses.  Looking forward to seeing more of them this summer.



Speedy G said...

Wow! What a GREAT score. The photos are lovely!!!!!! Great job! :0)

Emme said...

You look hot! LOL. Sounds you might just be ready to level up (I call it that when I learn a new riding skill to have it make sense to my son. )

SprinklerBandit said...

You guys are looking awesome! Riva is just stunning right now. I am impressed that you keep her so white. Well done!

Girl With a Dream said...

wow that was a great score! great job! love looking at the pictures :) xx

Jen said...

You guys seriously looked awesome this weekend! I do think you should get the heck out of my division. ;-) Just kidding! I had to tell you, that swallowtail pad looks AMAZING on her, the way it echoes the white spot on her neck. It looks so natural. Great choice!

Lisa said...

Riva really is a lovely horse. Well done!

achieve1dream said...

You guys look great! So lucky you get to meet fellow bloggers. :D Congrats on the new best score. I'm glad you guys are having so much fun!