Show Season

Show Season

Monday, April 23, 2012

Show Recap

First off, just have to say I love my pony and I no longer want to trade her in.

HHP Heartland Show as a success - we broke the 60% score and I could not be happier will how the tests went!

Friday night we arrived in Edinburgh about 7:30 pm to rain and cold temps.  No sense in trying to ride in that weather, so we left Riva in her stall at the park with her happily getting to know the very tall handsome gelding in the stall behind her.  She is such a flirt :)

Saturday never got very warm, and the sun did not appear till our drive home, but it never rained and the arenas were nice and dry.  Lex and Riva's Training Level Test 1 was at 9:04 am.  Lex took Riva for a hand walk around the park, after she had her breakfast.  She said Riva only jigged about once when they pasted a flat bed trailer full of dressage letters.

Lex got on about an hour before her test to have plenty of warm up time.  There were 3 dressage rings set up to test, with 2 warm up rings.  Lex's designated warm up ring was in the lower dressage arena at HHP, which Riva has been in before.  Riva settled pretty quickly into listening to Lex and working around the other 4-5 horses warming up.  Lex walked her out until time for her test. 

The test went well.  Riva did not stretch down much in the free walk but did offer some stretch in the stretchy trot circles.  She got her correct leads on both canter circles, and her right lead canter transition was especially nice - and no kicking out, bucking, boncoing like the show a month ago.

Lex was happy with how she went and ended up with a 57.5% and 5th place out of 10 in her division. 
                                                                  Lex & Riva
                                                (kinda looks like snow doesn't it?)

Riva got to hang in her stall after her first test and we watched the other competitors that came from our barn.  I took Riva out for another hand walk in the early afternoon and let her graze a bit.  She attracted some human admirers who asked her breeding.

I was not scheduled to compete until 4:21, the last test of the day, but did get to go a bit earlier.  The ring I was to compete in was running ahead and about 3 pm, show officials announced the judge would take any Intro B testers early.  Lex and I got Riva ready and headed to warm up.

Lex got on Riva first and then stayed in the ring to coach me when I got on.  The warm up we were assigned to was very large, with only about 6 or 7 other horses working - so Lex was allowed to stay in with me.  Once I felt comfortable and that Riva was listening to me, we headed over to test.

                                                                    Kelly & Riva

I was happy with how our test went - she was forward and pretty focused.  I was especially happy with the free walk, in which she streched and did not try and break to trot.  My circles were small and need more bend - I need to keep my elbows more back and bent, but we had some good moments.
Both halts were square.
                                                                   Kelly & Riva
                                                               (final halt and salute)

My score was 61.25% - a personal best for me!  Note the smile when we posed before beginning to load up and head for home.  I placed 3rd in my division.

                                                                Happy Horse Mom & Diva

Lex and I did run in to fellow blogger Amy of slowandsteadysmilerwinstherace at the show.  I was so bummed that I missed her test and stadium jumping.  But she recognized me - coming out of the restroom with my hairnet and show clothes - probably with a terrified look on my face :0  Next time, Amy, we will have to make time for an adult beverage!


Emme said...

So proud of you. All the hard work, and the fretting ;), paid off. Very cool.

SprinklerBandit said...

Very fun! Sounds like a great show. Congrats on the new PR.

Lisa said...

Well done! Riva looks stunning! No wonder she got herself a little fan club. :)

Speedy G said...

Congratulations! That's a great score and you deserve it.


Mona Sterling said...

Congrats on your score!! I'm so glad Riva was so good for you!

Dressage Nomad said...

Congrats on a great show! I loved the pictures, especially the last one where you're all smiley!

achieve1dream said...

That is so FANTASTIC!!! Congrats!!! Sounds like this show was a total success! Maybe she just didn't feel very good at the last one. :D I'm glad you had so much fun!