Show Season

Show Season

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jumping Lesson!

Hah...not me and Riva ! 

Lex's trainer sent her and her daughter to a jump lesson at CAF last Saturday.  This is not out of the ordinary in itself, but 2 things were not the norm.

1.  Trainer had lessons to give at her barn all morning, so she sent Lex to the lesson in charge of her 11 yr daughter.

2.  Intrusted my youngest to drive her truck and 2 horse gooseneck trailer to the lesson.

Lex had practiced driving the rig a few times, but had not hauled horses before Saturday.  So...she called and asked Dad to come along for support :)

She did just fine - very careful driver.  Dad and I happily went along for the ride and to watch their lesson. 

Few pics from Saturday:

Lex is on Emerald - 5 or 6 yr old draft cross that is in training.  Only about the 4th time Lex has jumped her - and not since they returned from Florida.

I believe Emerald's owner is sending Lex to ride her in CAF's event camp this summer.


Emme said...

You Go Led. Cowgirls rule!

achieve1dream said...

Emerald is very pretty!!

You go girl Lex!! Awesome for driving the trailer and on the jumps (awesome pictures by the way)! :D